The Lucky One (One Direction Story)

Sam, just a normal 16 year old teenage girl in high school goes to audition at X-Factor in the UK, cause after all she is British. No one knew she sang, or even talked, she was the quiet girl who sat in the corner that kept to herself. Does Sam have a voice? Sam hasn't always been good with the boys, she is very socially awkward, if you were to look up "awkward" in the dictionary, you would see her picture there. No literally, some girls put a picture of her there, her freshman year school photo. Let's just say you don't want to see that picture. Turns out, there was a lot of twists when she went to X-Factor. Did she get through? Did she even sing or just stand there like a fool? Or was there something else?


4. Time to Say Goodbye

I was still sitting on the ground with my arm around my mom. Instead of me resting my head on her shoulder, she rested hers on mine. She has stopped crying and there was just heavy breathing now. She was sleeping, she always breathed heavily when she slept. I like this feeling right now, I like feeling needed and I felt like my mom needed me. It was a great feelings. As I started thinking again about leaving Doncaster, my eyes couldn't stay open anymore, they literally fought to stay open. I felt myself fall into a deep sleep. 



I flew my arm out aimlessly hoping that I would soon hit my alarm. It continued to beep, until I sat up and turned it off. Why the hell was my alarm clock on and why the hell was it set for 5a.m. and why was I in my bed. Last I remembered I was laying with my mom in the kitchen. I got up from my bed and walked out of my bed room into the hallway. I found my mom running up and down the stairs with boxes and boxes of stuff. I looked around the hallway and saw that the pictures that were once hanging were gone. Where the pictures had been you could see the paint difference. It was lighter where the picture frames hung. I felt confused, I wondered why everything was packed and why my mom had been rushing up and down the stairs, in and out of the front door filling a uhaul truck. It hit me again that my mom wanted to leave. 

I didn't expect us to leave this early. I was thinking maybe a few days..not a few hours. I walked towards the stairs and I saw my mom running up and she ran right past me. I spoke up and said "What are we doing?" 

She answered and said "Oh good morning darling!" I saw right through her fake smile, she was hurting. I never saw her this much over the edge. I've seen her really upset before but not to the point where she had actually wanted to move. "I thought I would get a head start on packing, I've been up since 10! I woke up with you in the kitchen, but you looked so peaceful when you slept so I carried you up the stairs into your room." 

"A head start on packing?" I said.

"Yeah, we are leaving for London in 3 hours. I set your alarm for 5 just in case you wanted to get ready and so that you could pack your things!" My mom said running down the stairs before running out of the door with another box.

Before she came back in I thought quickly, LONDON!? What the hell? I always wanted to live in London but I never thought we had the money to. My mom came back inside and ran up the stairs. 

"We are going to London?" I asked. She answer, "We are living there." 

"But how? Where did we get the money? How did you find a place so fast?"

"Honey, if you put your mind to it, anything can be done. Just finish what you had started." 

I thought about her words for maybe a good two minutes because she was running out of the door again with another box. I figured I might as well help her because she wouldn't be able to do this alone. I then began to wonder if Scott had knew anything about us moving. I sure as hell hoped he didn't. I wanted him to come to this house when we are already gone and get so pissed because he won't be able to find us. I remembered, that Scott had taken my car yesterday! That means we have the Mini Cooper! Knowing my dad he probably wouldn't even remember that we have it because he has a new car almost every week. I don't understand how but he did. I was actually super happy that we had the mini cooper. No more banged up chevy. It's good though that my dad has my car because now he can bang it up all he wants and I don't even care. 

I broke away from my thoughts and started walking over to my room. I opened the door to my room and entered. It was still dark outside seeing as it's only 5:08a.m. so the sun wasn't shining through my blinds like they usually do. I turned my lamp on and found some boxes and suitcases in the back of my closet. My mom walked into my room and said to me that she would pack for me. Did I get this wrong? She told me that I could pack my things. "Mom, no go relax and I will take of this."

"Darling, this is my way of relaxing right now" She answered. Oh yeah I forgot my mom likes to be distracted to relax, that way she thinks about that one thing and her mind wouldn't run off about something else that would depress her, like the nasty remarks my dad makes. I let her pack my things and I walked downstairs to put the rest of the boxes inside the uhaul truck. 

This might be weird to say but I think I might actually miss this house, this town..this school. HA, who was I kidding! I want to get the hell out of here! I don't belong here, I need to start over. That is what I will do when I get to London. New school, new home, new people. Wait I thought about that again..where exactly would we live? I still don't know how my mom could get a place in London so fast. But whatever.

I guess I might as well say my goodbyes. Lol, what goodbye. I was god damn happy to leave.


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