The Lucky One (One Direction Story)

Sam, just a normal 16 year old teenage girl in high school goes to audition at X-Factor in the UK, cause after all she is British. No one knew she sang, or even talked, she was the quiet girl who sat in the corner that kept to herself. Does Sam have a voice? Sam hasn't always been good with the boys, she is very socially awkward, if you were to look up "awkward" in the dictionary, you would see her picture there. No literally, some girls put a picture of her there, her freshman year school photo. Let's just say you don't want to see that picture. Turns out, there was a lot of twists when she went to X-Factor. Did she get through? Did she even sing or just stand there like a fool? Or was there something else?


3. Skid Marks and Broken Hearts

My eyes opened and I looked around realizing I was in the living room. I must have fallen asleep while I was watching Love Actually with my mom. I turned my head to the clock on the table beside the couch and it said 8:44p.m. My senses started coming back to me but I was still groggy from my sleep. My ears tuned in and I heard yelling and the sound of pots banging from the kitchen. I turned my legs to the side and wiped my eyes with my hands hoping it would wake me up a little. I started to get up but I must have gotten up too fast because I found myself sitting back on the couch. Much slower, I stood up and began walking down the hall to the kitchen to see who had been in there. As I made it up to the door of the kitchen I put my ear up against it to make out the voices.

With no surprise it was my mom and dad. I should have guessed that, they fought almost every night. I thanked god that my dad didn't live with us though because their fights would go on for hours. I kept listening to them fight and heard my dad slur over his words. Yup, of course he was drunk, I thought to myself. When hadn't he been drunk? All my childhood memories of him were when he was drunk. My thoughts were then interrupted when I heard Scott(my dad) yell to my mom(Lauren) "You fucking slut, you don't deserve to live in this house! You should be thankful that I was the one that moved out!" I hated hearing Scott talk like that to my mom. I knew it hurt my mom but she always tried not to show it. Just to mention, I don't call Scott my dad, I never did. I didn't count him as my dad because he wasn't even really there for half my life. I heard my dad say again, "I bet YOUR daughter will be a whore just like you, working in the strip clubs for extra money." Yeah. My mom is a part time stripper, we needed the money though, every penny. We had some money, but it would be nice to have some extra money one in a while. I went to open the door to the kitchen but it came flying back at me hitting me dead straight in the nose. God damn did that fucking hurt. I put my hand to my nose to see if there was any blood..and just like I thought..there was, my nose was bleeding. I turned my head to look down at my shirt and it was already covered in blood. This isn't good. My nose shouldn't be bleeding this much. I looked up to see my dad standing over me. His eyes looked cold and I did not feel safe at all. He spit at the floor next to me and the words "You fucking deserved that slut" came right out of his mouth. Did I deserve that? I heard a slam come from down the hall. It seemed as if my dad had left because I heard my dad pull out the driveway with a a loud noise.

My car.

I knew he was drunk and I didn't care what he was going to do because honestly, I wanted him to die. I know that isn't nice to say, but if you were to meet him, you would understand. I jerked my head to the side and saw my mom slide against the wall, sitting on the floor now. Her head was in her hands and soft cries came from her. She never wanted me to see her cry, she wanted to be the strong one in the house, but I knew was breaking. The things Scott said to her got under her skin and she believed every word of it. I needed to make our life better but I need to think of a way how. Just then, The XFactor came into mind. Okay okay, I will think about that later. I pushed that thought to the back of my head and crawled into the kitchen.

I remembered that my nose had been bleeding but I didn't feel the pain anymore. I had grown used it now because my nose probably bled maybe 4 times a week because of Scotts actions. I grabbed a cloth that was sitting on the kitchen chair and held it up to my noise. I began crawling over to my mom to hug her. When I reached her I put my arm around her. She looked up and gave me an unconvincing "I'm fine" look. I knew she wasn't, she was never fine. What surprised were the words that came out of her mouth. I was confused. I looked at her weirdly and thought, "Did she really just say that?" What she said was, "We need to leave here, and never come back. Promise to be by my side?" I knew what I wanted to say but I had to register this. Wait, leave? Like leave Doncaster? I've never left Doncaster, never in my 16 years! I mean it's a change, but a big change. The words slipped out of my mouth, "I promise mom, I will be with you through it all."

Did I really just say that? I mean that is what I wanted to say. I wanted to leave as much as she did, but I didn't know if we would actually do it. Where would we go? We barely had any money to pay off the house we live in now.

I stopped thinking and just sat there with my arm around my mom and my head resting on her shoulder. If you listen closely you could hear the sound of her broken heart beat. I felt terrible. I had to be strong. I needed to be strong. I wanted to be strong, for both of us. But was I strong? 


SORRY FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER! I PROMISE TO MAKE UP FOR IT!!! I just wanted to add something in now so you all have something read! Feedback please?(:

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