The Lucky One (One Direction Story)

Sam, just a normal 16 year old teenage girl in high school goes to audition at X-Factor in the UK, cause after all she is British. No one knew she sang, or even talked, she was the quiet girl who sat in the corner that kept to herself. Does Sam have a voice? Sam hasn't always been good with the boys, she is very socially awkward, if you were to look up "awkward" in the dictionary, you would see her picture there. No literally, some girls put a picture of her there, her freshman year school photo. Let's just say you don't want to see that picture. Turns out, there was a lot of twists when she went to X-Factor. Did she get through? Did she even sing or just stand there like a fool? Or was there something else?


1. It Always Happens on a Rainy Day.

"Sam, what do you think it is?".."Sam? Hello?" I heard something echoing in my mind but my head felt lazy so I left it laying down on the cold grey desk. I thought I was dreaming so I didn't bother to lift up my head. A finger started to tap on my shoulder, "Sam? What's the answer?" I lift up my head and see a short stubby bald man before me, my geometry teacher. I was confused, today is Saturday right? I look at the board and see radical form problems, I was rubbish at radical form.

"So Sam what is the answer?"

"Sorry, what?"

"The answer to number 4 please?"

"Uhm, okay, yeah it's 6."

The class began to giggle and whisper things while looking me. Was I wrong? Well I mean, I don't know. I suck at geometry, which is why I don't understand why I am even in the accelerated class. Mr. Martin looked at me with a stern face and asked me for the answer again. Doesn't he understand I hate doing this, he knows this, I told him I don't like talking in class. I look at the clock, 27 seconds till the bell rings to be dismissed from this hell hole. 27 seconds takes a long time with all eyes on me. I look up at the clock again 20 seconds. Mr. Martin is still staring at me, I was about to speak, but then the loud roar of the bell saved me. I threw on my backpack and ran out of the geometry room and into the hall. I was so happy to be going home, it's Friday and I am just planning on staying home this weekend, sounds like a great plan to me. My thoughts were then interrupted by a rude shove. I never turn to look at who it is cause this happens to me everyday. Just then I was shoved again. I turn around this time and it's Morgan. The head cheerleader, the blonde girl, the outgoing girl that everyone loves. 

"Move loser." She spits out at me. 

I ignore it and keep walking. I'm finally at the door to exit the school. I walk out into the cold rainy day, nothing unusual because it always rains in London. I put my hood on and run to my little banged up chevy. I got in and slammed the door shut.

It takes a while to start my car, you have to bang the shift and switch the key at the same time and it still makes a screeching noise. I always hate the noise because everyone knows it's my car and I really don't want to be noticed right now. As I began to pull out of the parking space another car starts driving behind me, they didn't notice me pulling out so thank god I noticed cause otherwise this wouldn't have ended well. I turn to see who it was in the car and yeah it was Morgan with her cheerleading "crew." They leave the parking lot and I wait a little to see if there are any cars left. Coast is clear, so I pull out, bear in mind I am the worst driver ever.  I'm off the school property and driving on the main route of this town. I only live 10 minutes away, this shouldn't be a bad ride home. It's too quiet in the car except for the pounding of rain on the hood. Time to put some tunes on, I reach my hand to the radio and put on BBC Radio, my favorite radio station ever, Grimmy is absolutely the funniest man. After the song Please Don't Let Me Go plays by Olly Murs, there is a commercial stating that XFactor will be her in London for auditions. I always wanted to audition but I'm too scared to, what if they hate me, what if I am rubbish. 10 minutes have gone by of me pondering the thought of the XFactor. I am home now and I see a familiar car, my fathers car. The most beautiful blue Mini Cooper, my dream car but I always dread seeing his car. I hate my father, he left my mom and I when I was only 6 years old. My father see's me pull into the driveway and I stop, he begins walking down the hill and I am too much of a coward to keep going. He finally gets to me, opens my door, throws me on the ground and spits. His words were, "You were a mistake." I don't cry because this has happened before and I tell myself that I am strong. Am I? I pull myself up and start walking up the driveway to the front door. I hear a car door slam behind me and my father drives away with my car. I did say that I have a banged up Chevy right? Well it's banged up because my dad takes it and does "Reckless" things, like drink and drive then get in an accident. He tells me I don't need nice things so I believe him. The front door opens and there's my mom, she gives me a hug because she knows what he does to me and I know that he does worse things to her. We always try to cheer each other up by baking cookies or brownies and just sit in the living room watching sappy love movies all day. I was going to tell her about the XFactor, but I figured now isn't the time so I will just have to tell her tomorrow maybe.

But what is really ironic is that whenever my dad comes it's always on the dark gloomy rainy days, never on the nice beautiful sunny days. Which I guess I am thankful for because those are the days where I like spending time with my mom and my neighbor who is my only best friend.

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