Dance With The Dead

16 year old Becca is new too Headsford Falls.
She moved for private reasons, but everyone is keen to find out her reason.
That's when 18 year old Harvey lets slip of something he proberly shouldn't have...


4. Chapter 4

She sat in the A & E area, a cold compress held to her head by a stern and feirce looking nurse, while another lady held a bandage.

Becca kept glancing back and forth between the boy and her mom, hoping they'd give her a clear explanation.

But judging from her mom's expression, she knew she wasn't going to get much of an explanation out of her.

They wrapped the bandage around her head, and a few moments later, she was released.

Her mom looked furious, but the boy just smiled.

"Car. Now".

Her mom's voice was a strict as she looked.

She glanced at the boy.



"Yeah, uh, Harvey".

She stepped into the car, and her mom climbed in after her.

The engine started, and they drove off.

When they'd left the hospital carpark, her mom went crazy.

"Becca, your such a silly girl! Are you trying to get yourself killed? Is that how you and Mollie can be together? You were lucky you had't actually died as well!"

Becca clenched her teeth.

"Mom, Mollie is dead. I'm not, okay? I didn't mean to almost get hit by a car. I was totally fortunate! It's like when ever a car comes, someone seems to be around to get me out of the way!"

"Oh, Becca, you are so, so silly! Concentrate when you cross a road!".

Their conversation hit a dead end.

Becca didn't even want to start a new one.

The drive took long, and Becca sat patiently, thinking to herself.

She'd nearly died.

In the same way Mollie had.

And look where it took Mollie, she thought negatively.

They finally drove up the driveway, and her mom was out of the car before the engine had completely died down.

Becca decided to stay there for a moment.

Mostly because her mom had shut the door on her.

A knock at the window was sudden.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She cocked her head slightly, and turned to face Harvey.

Thousands of questions took over her mind.

How'd he get there so fast?

Why was he here?

Did her run the whole way?

Was he special?

Becca motioned for him to step back, so she could open the door.

She climbed out, and shut the door, and the car automatically locked itself.

"How'd you get here so fast?"

"How'd you get here so fast?"

"Don't question me, just answer!"

"No, you answer!"

"Harvey, your acting like a child"

"I am a child"


A smile swept across his pale face, and his teeth were visible.

Becca felt a little strange when she looked at his teeth.

Two of the top ones were pointy, and they stuck out a little more then the rest.

But everyone had something wrong with their teeth, right?

She shook the thought out of her head, and opened her mouth to speak.

"So, what you doing here?"

"I just wanted to ask your name. You got mine, I want yours"

"Well, you can't have it"

"Have what?"

"My name"

"Ohh. It's Becca, isn't it?"

"Flipping hell, how'd you guess that?"

"I can read minds".

Becca rolled her eyes.

Typical boy talk.

They thought they could just come out with something stupid, thinking it would be impressive.

It didn't impress Becca, or anyone she actually knew.

"I'm serious".

She rolled her eyes again.

"I'll prove it. Think of something" he challanged.

An image of Mollie popped into her mind.

They were both by the Hollywood sign, on the short trip to LA.

"Is her name Mollie? Your by the Hollywood sign. Sweet".

Becca's eyes narrowed.

"So you've basically seen everything I've thought?"


"Well that's crap, isn't it?"

"Not for me. I'm inside your head, lady"


"No, lady".

She grinned, and concentrated on Harvey.

His hair was a slight brown, a cross between a dark brown, and a golden blonde.

It suited him really well, and his clothes, those dark, black clothes matched him.

"Can you stop thinking about me like that, it's a tiny bit weird..."

Becca blushed cherry red.

Then he laughed.

"I'm joking. Your a sweet girl Becca".

She nodded and spun round.

"Bye, Harvey".

She walked to her front door, and past the threshold.

The door didn't slam, but it shut perfectly behind her.

Her mom was sitting in the living room, with her hands over her face.

"I am so disapointed in you, Becca. Go to your room. I guess this is how parents say your, uh, grounded".

Becca's heart was in her throat.



"Mom! You've never ever grounded me! NEVER EVER!"

"Well, there's a first time for everything"

"NOT FOR GROUNDING!" Becca screeched.

She didn't feel nervous or disapointed any more.

She felt furious.

A wave of anger hit her, like one ginormous tsnami.

She stormed up the stairs, and into her bedroom.

She slammed the door, and kicked her bed.

Her mom grounded her for almost getting hit by a car?

Then an idea sparked in her head.

She lifted open the window, and not too far away, Harvey was down the street.

Her was on the ground adjusting his satchel.

It's like he know's I need him!

She called his name, in a slight whisper, but he heard her well.

Maybe the winds stronger then I thought.

She took a step out, and her feet were planted firmly on the ledge. She shut the window after her.

"Hold your arms out!" she whispered.

He held out his arms, and she jumped.

It wasn't the scariest thing she'd done, and she had complete faith in Harvey.

Well, kind of.



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