Dance With The Dead

16 year old Becca is new too Headsford Falls.
She moved for private reasons, but everyone is keen to find out her reason.
That's when 18 year old Harvey lets slip of something he proberly shouldn't have...


3. Chapter 3

Becca was surprised.

Her bedroom was neat, and lilac.

How'd they know?

They got her bed up the stairs, eventually, and when they had, it made the room look even more perfect.

"Mom, can I get new curtains? Those one's are depressing, and they don't even match the room" Becca complained, tugging at the skull and cross bones on the curtains.

"Uh, who'd pick that" her mom giggeled, and tore them down.


"I bought spares, silly!"

She un-packed a box, and pulled out dark purple curtains, with a sparkly line going across the bottom.

"Mom, there awsome! Can I put them up myself?"

"Um, sure".

Her mom passed them over to Becca, who held them like a baby, before hanging them to the rail.

They made her bedroom look homemade.

It proberly was, she thought to herself.


She took a walk around the small town.

Everything was so neat, and tidy.

It reminded her of...

She couldn't say her old town, but she could say Mollie.

Mollie was the only person who kept the town in shape.

Her parents were there mayor and mayoress...

"Look out!" someone called.

Before she could see what was happening, someone grabbed her, and push her out of the way.

Becca rolled and hit the curb.

She felt tears roll down her face, and pain spread from her head, to her arm, and her right leg.

A car screeshed, and turned a tiny bit into the curb on the oppisite side.

When Becca tried to sit up, a sharp pain rose from her neck, and she felt like she was going to be sick.

A man at about 18 stood over her, a cut trailing down from his head to his cheek.

Becca's heart did a tiny flip.

He was pale, but his brown hair and amazing brown eyes topped him off perfectly.

"Are you okay?" he asked, crouching down beside her.


"You were almost hit by a car, didn't you see, or even hear it coming?"

She managed a no. 

"Other things on your mind?"

She tried to nod, but her head ached like hell.


He held a hand, and he pulled her to her feet.

Pain soured through her, and she almost toppeled over.

She looked to her left, and saw the car that had almost hit her.

It was a similar caddy to her mom's, but it was a different colour, and a different style.

A man, middle-aged and upset, sat on the curb beside his car.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" he asked, panic rising from his voice.

"Yeah, were alright".

Becca tried to nod again, but she knew it was going to ache.

"Where do you live?" asked the 18 year old.

"2 blocks away. Help".



"I think you have a concusion"

"What's that?"

"And a big one".

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