Dance With The Dead

16 year old Becca is new too Headsford Falls.
She moved for private reasons, but everyone is keen to find out her reason.
That's when 18 year old Harvey lets slip of something he proberly shouldn't have...


2. Chapter 2

Becca felt sick the whole journey.

Tears would fall down her face and onto her lap every so often, but as they drove out of Miami, they suddenly stopped.

She was beginning a new life, and she had to deal with it.

Mollie was dead.

That's the way the cookie crumbles!

Mollie would have said somthing as typical as that.

She looked out of the window, watching the sun set behind them.

Miami was out of sight.

They drove through the night, and finally, her mom decided it was time to pull into a close Motel.


Becca stretched her arms high above her head.

She looked around her, her eyes adjusting to the light.

She looked out of the window in front of her, showing an aray of hills before her.

"Mom?" she called.

A muffeled "Honey, I'm in here" was heard from the bathroom.

"Mom, where are we?"

There was a thud, and a few curse words, and her mom opened the door, holding onto her knee.

"Were near Headsford Falls. Our new home"

Becca felt a wave of nausea hit her, and she fell back, her head landing with a phuff against the pillow.

"Your joking, aren't you?"

"Not really".

Her mom let her hands fall down to her side, and sat on the bed Becca lay in.

"Babe, were 3 hours away. Our new home is bigger, and better then our last. Don't worry, we'll try not to let anyone die this time, okay?"

"Mom, that's not funny".

Becca knew it was bitter, but she knew it had to be said.

Who'd wanna joke about Mollie's death?

Becca lay in her bed for a couple more minutes, before sliding out, and getting dressed.

She stayed safe, and chose cream coloured pumps, with beige skinny jeans, and a floral-silk blouse. She had her grandmothers hand knitted cardie over the top.

"Mom, can we please leave now?"

"Hold on, Becca, I'm on the loo! Be patient!".

Becca sat on the bed for a moment, and decided to imagine the new house.

She dreamt the house a little smaller then a mansion, with a nice, clean red roof.

A lovely shiney red front door, with a small lion knocker on the front.

The door number would be her favourite, 16.

The inside would be coloured beige, and her bedroom would be lilac. The living room would be as big as the bedroom she sat in now...

"Honey, are you there?"

Her mom looked gorgous!

She had a silk blouse, similar to Becca's, and sparkely jeans. To top it all off, she had red high heels, and a matching red purse.

Her hair was as short as ever, but styled, and make-up making her eyes look even more beatiful.

"Mom, you look great!"

"Are you saying I don't look great everyday?"

"No, I'm saying you look well!"

"Well thank you honey. You look sweet too. Come on, I thought you wanted to leave?"

Becca nodded, and opened the front door.

They left in her mom's posh Caddy, and a few hours later, a sign welcoming them to Headsford Falls was in view, and behind them in a matter of seconds.

The neighbourhood looked like a neat and tidy place, with trees annoncing that it was autmn plotted every 5 metres from another.

"Wow, mom, you actually picked a good place!"

"Oi, cheeky! Wait until you see the house, though".

Becca was on the edge of her car seat, and she would have stretched even more, but thankfully, her seatbelt prevented her from having an acident.

Like Mollie...

Her mind reminded her.

She gritted her teeth, and a few mintues later, they were parked in front of their new house.

The house was different to how she'd imagined, but it looked amazing all the same.

The whole house was white, and the roof and door were navey blue.

A vine climbed up one side, joining from a thorn bush.

Becca admired her new home, and she couldn't wait to see what the High School would look like too.

"Mom, this is an amazing house! Are you sure we have enough money to buy it?"

"Yes, honey. Ever since, you know, well, I've been saving up the money I get from work, and the money we got from selling the house. Don't you like it?"

"Mom, I just said it's amazing! I can't wait to get my new bedroom. I hope it hasn't got paint peeling from the ceiling, and mouldy walls like my last room" Becca sighed.

She knew that she musn't get too excited, or else she walk in a find a house that's a complete bomb site, and she'll regret moving.


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