Dance With The Dead

16 year old Becca is new too Headsford Falls.
She moved for private reasons, but everyone is keen to find out her reason.
That's when 18 year old Harvey lets slip of something he proberly shouldn't have...


1. Chapter 1

Perfect Miami sun splashed over Becca, and she immediatly sat up in bed.

Obvioustly, she'd been awake for hours, just thinking.

But the sun was up, and she could finally leave her bed.

The bed she'd never see again, she thought sadly.

She shuffeled down the stairs, minding the dodgey step at the bottom.

Her mom was in the kitchen draining a cup of coffee, reading the magazine she'd bought the day before.

Becca couldn't really understand how her mom could be realxed over a day like this.

It was the day Becca moved out of Miami, into some place she'd never actually heard of.

"Mornin' honey" her mom spoke, lifting her head up slightly.

Becca greeted her with a small smile, and sat down beside her.

"Mom, can I have some coffee. I wanna boost my energy"

Her mom was already looking back at her magazine, but she nodded, and Becca zoomed over to the sink.

After 2 minutes, she had a freshly brewed coffee in her favourite mug; her and Mollie in front of the Hollywood sign, on their trip to Hollywood last year.

Every time she looked at it, a smile would creep onto her face.

She sat down beside her mom again, and took a couple of sips, before leaning over and glancing inside her mom's magazine.

"Seriously? How does Paris Hilton always edge her way into this magazine? She's in here like everytime!"

Her mom smirked, taking a sip of her own coffee.

After a few more sips, her mom had finished, and Becca picked up the mug, and washed it in the sink.

"You know what mom? If I get ready real quick, and tidy my room one last time, I reckon we can leave, and we'll get to where ever were going by...half 8?"

"Nice try, Bec's. I know you want to get there quickly so you can cry you heart out"

"Mom! That is totally inupropriate! And actually, I wat to get there quickly so I can call..."

Her voice trailed off.

"Honey, it's okay. I've done that many times...-"

"No, mom, it's not okay! Mollie's dead because of ME! ME!"

"Calm down, Becca. It's okay, honey".

Becca felt tears prick in her eyes, and before she knew it, she was crying her heart out in front of her mom.

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