Assassins Remorse

A short story about: A young girl seeks the revenge of her familys murder when they are killed in cold blood before her eyes. Will she get her revenge ir just turn into the same monster their killer was?


1. Assassins Remorse

Assassins Remorse

I knew it was over when I felt the scream rip from my throat. Panting in a shacking mess dripping wet from head to toe, the sheets sticking to my legs, my hair matted around my head. I took a moment to breathe. The darkness around me began to fade as my eyes adjusted to the dimness of my room. I felt myself looking into the distance but couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from the burnt patch of carpet on the far side of my bedroom. I gritted my teeth refusing to cry. Refusing to let him win. I had seen them die so many times in my sleep. Watched as their last words were ripped from their throats, blood gushing down their lips as their limp body’s fell at my feet. That was when I heard myself scream. I never realised it was me until he looked straight at me, unmoving, vicious. He always reminded me of those documentary you see on the discovery channel about lions in the savannah and when you watch them spot a gazelle and the gazelle knows its their and they will die but they just stare, unmoving. That what I felt like, a gazelle to scared to make a run for it thinking, hoping that if I don’t move he wont see me. It always end with him slitting my throat, just like them. Then I awaken to the sound of my own screams. I don’t scream for fear or shock of the murder but for their lives and that I’m still here. Because in reality it wasn’t like my dreams, he didn’t slit my throat he did something worse. He laughed. Blood running off his hands and no remorse in his eyes. I have dreamt of that day ever since. Dreamt of the day when my life was stole from me and vowed I would find him. Sure I could tell the police and maybe they will get round to doing something eventually and find him after interrogation and investigation that could go on for years whilst he walks around smug the blood still staining his soul. What would they do anyways? Lock him up? No. That wasn’t good enough. I didn’t want a canary I wanted revenge. *** “Nina” my head turned to the sound of a voice in the door way. “Jack” I smiled moving over to the broad dark male in my doorway. His brow furrowed slightly as he looked past my shoulder into the room, “not sleep well again last night?” he nodded to my bed the sheets in a damp mess at the end. “do I ever?” I said letting out a sarcastic laugh, he looked at me now smiling warmly. “Come on Kitten breakfast” he said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders pulling me out of the room and down the stairs. Michael and Saturn were already sat at the small wooden table in our shared dinning room. Michael looked up from his bacon sandwich to give me a food filled smile making me chuckle instantly. I loved how Michael always knew how to cheer me up after a bad night. His shaggy blonde hair still a mess from the night before. “Something smells good” I chimed as the toaster popped out a fresh piece of toast. “Let me guess Saturn cooked?” Jack looked at Michael teasingly. “Hey! I can cook! What you trying to say Jack?” Michael retorted taking the bait. “Oh nothing” Jack took a bite out of the piece of toast he had just plucked from the toaster, “Just that you can’t cook for shit” he said around a mouthful of toast in a casual tone but his eyes glinted with mischief. “Come over here and say that again!” Michael stood up from his seat pushing the chair back in a noisy screeching sound against the tiled floor. Jack often took pleasure in getting a rise out of Michael, Michael was such a hot head Jack found it too irresisting an opportunity to wind him up. “Well?!” Michael smacked his hands down on the table, Saturn looked up then. Saturn was beyond all doubt one of the most beautiful girls I had ever come across in my entire life not to mention one of the most deadly. She had long golden hair that fell just short of her waist in perfect waves and piercing blue eyes. Her skin was a soft ivory that was satin to touch and her long porcelain nails were as long as talons. She was beyond all doubt beautiful but she was not to be underestimated. She had been sat quietly on her chair with her legs tucked up to her chest and nibbling at a slice of melon when Michael had erupted in furry. At that moment she looked up her glistening eyes unassailable. “Enough” no sooner had the word whispered past her lips did Michael sit back down and stare at his sandwich as if it was holding some message he could quite see. Jack snorted and Saturn glared at him forcing him silent as well, she turned her gaze to me then. I followed suit with Michael turning the toast in my hands over and over not sure what I should do. She smiled. “Morning Nina” her voice was sweet like fresh honey and it sent goose bumps down my arms. “I think perhaps you should go get ready now Nina” Saturn continued, looking out of the window opposite her behind Michael. “But I am ready” I began to protest but the boys just gave me the look that said ‘there’s no point in arguing; so I let a huff escape my lips as I pulled myself back up the flight of stairs to change. This was routine procedure for when we were getting ready for a job. We would have a decent breakfast, pretend like we are normal teenagers for a moment and then slip into battle mode. My uniforms lay in the cupboard in a neat pile and I pick up the nearest to me. It wasn’t an easy life but it would be a lie to say that I didn’t love the work. That we didn’t all love the work. But today wasn’t just like any other day. This wasn’t just like any other job. Today was special. This job was special and my whole body tingled in response to this fact. For someone looking at us on the outside they would say we were pretty normal for 18 and 19 year olds. Say we were typical adolescents, but what they don’t know is that we all have a common secret, a deep dark secret. We were Assassins. When you’re a child it’s not a vocation you really think about and it’s not really one you just fumble into either. When I was young I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to help people now … now I wanted to kill them. Not all of them, just the bad ones, the ones who had killed for the sake of killing. People say that their judgment day will come but for us, we were their judgement and we saw them guilty. I don’t think of it as murder, I don’t see it that way, I see it as resetting the balance between good and bad. I never planned to be this. And at first I didn’t want this life. But that dreadful night ten years now since had sealed my fate. When I had watched my mother, father, sister, slaughtered before my eyes in cold blood, watched as their body’s grew limp and slumped to the ground, saw it all whilst their killer laughed in my face with no remorse, it was then my life changed forever. I had lost the only people who had really mattered to me in life and all at the tender age of eight, it added to the trauma to have witnessed it myself, and when no family stepped forward to claim me and take care of me I became on orphan. Over the years I was passed from foster home to foster home until I was finally adopted at twelve years old. I hadn’t spoken since my parents murder and no family wanted to waste their energy on an orphan that would not speak not least to mention one who was a murder witness. But it was Margareet that took me in, cared for me, treat me as her own and over time I began to speak again. I told her about that night, about what I saw, she would ask me things like how I felt about it and what did I think justice was and how I felt about that. It was at Margareet’s that I met Jack, another orphan taken in by Margareet. It turns out his parents were murdered too but it was put down to arson in the police files. When I was 13 and Jack 14 Margareet told us she was an Assassin. We didn’t believe her at first but when we found it was true we were petrified. She told us that it was okay and that killing was okay as long as you were only killing the bad people who deserved it. She asked us didn’t we want to pay back our mommy and daddy’s killers? Didn’t they deserve it? After that she began to train us. It wasn’t long before we became lethal weapons. She sent us on our first kill at the age of 16, the man was a rapist and paedophile who had killed his victims. We thought he deserved it and apparently so did he. A short year after our first kill Margareet was murdered on her assignment, her target had gotten to her before she had gotten to him, we paid our respect and we killed him the next day. It was a few short months after that we met Saturn she was given the same target as us and we took them out as a team ever since then we had never separated. Saturn’s family had also been murdered but by another family member, Saturn had had no one to train her like me and Jack she just had a flair for revenge. A month after we found Michael, we killed his father, he was unaware of what his father had done and caught us in the act of slitting his throat. He looked shocked at first then shrugged his shoulder and went back to bed. He tagged along with us after that feeling we shouldn’t let these people live, they shouldn’t be aloud to live. His father had been very violent to him and in a way I always supposed it was a way to get back at his father. We acquired our targets through information on the news, information and connections we already have and of course from time to time we have an investor visit and pay us to clean up his mess. Yes it wasn’t a glamorous life style but it was thrilling. Today was different to all the other jobs though. Today we were hunting my murderer, the one who had killed my parents, killed my sister. I had been on his tail for years and he had just come close enough in range to attack and I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity, this is what I had been training for for four years. I tingled with excitement at the very thought. I pulled on the tight black leather pants the black turtle neck and the black leather jacket I had pulled out of my cupboard. The laced up my boots that went just below my knee and tied up my long brown hair to the back of my head in a tight ponytail. *** The owls in the night sky screeched their night song and it was time to go. Climbing up onto the roof I felt a cold blast of air at my face, my fingers already numb in the winter night air. Saturn followed behind me as we slipped into a top window that was left ajar. The room was dark, eerry. Too much silence, too much still. It felt as though the house knew we were here, knew we were intruders. I held my breath suddenly to scared to even breath, three years on the job and this was the first time I was scared. The memory of my mother falling limp to the floor as blood spilled from her mouth flooded my vision. “Come on” Jack coaxed from behind. We were all in the top room now. I made my way across the room. A floor board creaked under foot and I took in a gasp of air. I moved again with the prompt of Jack behind me. Then a shadow cast across the golden pool of light in the door way. A figure emerged from what seemed the nothingness. There he was stood bold and proud his brown eyes glinting with menace and amusement. He was so broad he almost filled the whole of the frame of the doorway. “You’ve been looking for me” the words left his lips in a slimy trail, I felt the hairs on my arms stand up on end as my whole body froze stiff. “You don’t think I would have forgotten about you now do you Nina” he laughed. Oh God, he knows my name. The thought circulated in my mind in a panicked frenzy over and over. I couldn’t move, could breath, couldn’t think past the thought that he knew who I was, he knew I was coming for him, he knew it would be tonight. “How?” the word slipped from my lips in a shaky tremor. “I knew this would be my last bat, I wasn’t gonna have a long running after my trail of tricks so when I saw you standing there watching me I thought it might be a bit of sport to leave you, see what you’d do, you didn’t seem the type to talk to the police but I kept an eye on you anyway just encase, I warned Tommy about Margareet as well the night he took her out, thought it would be a nice demonstration of your skill to watch you destroy him and you were, magnificent” he laughed. “You think your doing this for the right reasons but look at you, your no different than I am, you’re a killer, and that’s all you’ll ever be” he laughed again and that’s when I lunged at him grabbing my knife from its sheath at my side. The rest joined in pinning him to the floor, it must have been at least three hours of struggling before we had him fully pinned to the ground. I sat on his back with my legs either side of him and lifted his head up by his hair placing the knife at his neck. “This is for my family you bastard, I am NOTHING like you” I said as I pulled the knife across his throat, the ripping of the flesh and spurting of blood making a delicious sound. We left him there in a pool of his own blood and left the way we came. Even though I had killed he man who had haunted my dreams since a child I still felt his presence. His words dancing around my mind over and over and over again. I realised he was right, I had become like him, I was a killer, I was a merciless beast and I would kill again but the difference was I don’t kill the innocence, I kill the guilty. The police have been tracking us for years but have not yet found us, they are aware there are Assassins out their killing murderers but have not found who they are yet, we dissolve into the shadows under the radar of society and the police. They saw it is the laws right to deliver justice as they see fit to wrong doers and only God himself can condemn death but we are the Judge, Jury and The Court we deliver the sentence and carry it out in full. We are The Assassins Remorse.

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