The Orginal family

A story from the point of view from Mia(MiaFlora) and Sapphire(sapphire rose) about their complicated and interesting lives.


1. sapphire

The alarm click buzzes in my ear.

ring;ring ;ring

I groan and pick it up throwing it as hard as I can at the wall,


" come on get up!" Mia throws herself on me, jumping on me, "wake up sleepy head!"


how can someone so small be so annoying and lively at 6:31in the morning!!

i mutter something along the lines so go away, let me sleep . when she pulls of my cover throwing it to the floor,

"you know I can't get cold right?" I mutter into the pillow.

" it's your first day of school, it's going to be brilliant." I pull the pillow over my head muttering mainly to myself ignoring Mia's constant nagging.

" Come on Sapphire get out of bed, I promise you your the most beautiful girl there no matter what, come on " she tugs at my arm.


Im not vain or anything like at all, but I get a kick out of being told how beautiful I am.

i know she's not going to quit so I find the strength not to kill her and get out of bed.


i stand infront of the mirror my golden hair hangs to my waist In big lose wavey curls, the gold stakes is very inhuman so I sigh as take a hair brush and charm it to make my hair brown, not like mias beautiful mystic brown that's so dark it could be black, I go for chocolate.

my eyes are the brightest shade of Sapphire, I can't bear contacts so I just move on to make up. Iv been told I'm naturally beautiful but Mia said I rock mascara and a little eyeliner and as ever Mia my baby cousin is always right.


i look myself over in the mirror again black stockings and a navy pair of shorts that are very short, waist high with gold buttons my white shirt tucked in and my blazer I look down at my red pumps, the school did day you could were whatever, I frown I. Missing something,


" scarlet lipstick " Mia suggests from the door way and hands me a tube . Now I look stunning.


mia smiles her emerald eyes glowing in the sunlight, her black hair tumbles just like mine down her back her beautiful caramel skin gives of a radiant glow. And that skirt she's wearing, wow mia is beautiful .


" Mia you look amazing! " I exclaim. 


" thanks Saf, you to" 


" so you got a boyfriend?" Mia smile and try's to hide her blush.


" No " she says blushing till she is a bright shade of pink.


" Mia Flora Mikaelaon!, what's his name, I demand to know " I exaggerate my English accent on my last part making Mia laugh till she can just about breathe. " I'm still waiting for an answer" I tickle her and she erupts in a fit of laughter,

" ok, ok you got me, his name is Stefan. Stefan Salvatore " she blushes and looks down with a Cheshire Cat grin,

" well I hope he's treating you well" i smile at her.

" he is " she assures me and them gives a mischievous wink and we both start laughing. " come on we're going to be later for school" Mia says as she leads the way out if the house still laughing to herself


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