A Voice that needs to be heard

For the stand up to Huffington Post Competition. People assume teenagers are lazy and always watch TV but some people are not like that like me.


1. A Voice that needs to be heard

Hello I am Sabitha Kiritharan a average 13 year old girl who like any other teenager likes listening to music, reading books and writing different stories. Nowadays teenagers are all assumed to be lazy, inconsiderate, rude and many other's but I now that is a lie. Just because some teenagers are like that all are thought to be just like each other but I am not. I am not saying I am the only teenager who isn't like that because I know that isn't true, many people I know are not like that but because of the majority teenagers are counted as rebels.

I am not a rebel I am shy girl who loves to read doesn't mean I'm perfect of course I'm not I make mistakes but I learn from them. I am what people sometimes describe as a geek and I don't care yes I love to read books from Harry Potters to Twilight to Jacqueline Wilson books. The world we live in teenagers are supposed to be Naive,  Loud, bossy, disorganized these are just some of the words that other's describe teenagers. I know many people who would rather talk about the hunger games instead of the world of Warcraft. Yes some people are people do like computer games others like me like reading books. Harry Potter for example is a world wide best seller but do you think that the movie's bought this credit no it was the books. Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger games are just example of movie's people may have watched but only the true fans read the book. In a book the world comes alive, do you feel that when your reading a book you are in their world so when Dobby dies in Harry Potter you start crying or when Katniss volunteers for her sister you feel like you wished for a sister like her. Now today in the society we live in teenagers are rarely given a chance to explain about the way we do things maybe teenagers have a reason like divorced parents, dead siblings you know maybe if parents and others let teenagers explain and offered them love and care maybe they wouldn't run away and become homeless.

Cause I do a movie can bring you excitement but only the books can give you the amazement of the story because you know someone actually wrote this, some one whose creativity outshone them, some one who was once a teenager just like you and me. We were born into a world who cared more of technology and games. It isn't our fault that teenagers are not reading enough maybe some kind words of encouragement or helping your kids read at a young age could really help your child like showing them a world not like there own where dragons, princes in shining armour, princess, witches all exist which boosts your child's creativity. When your young even now and your reading a book you understand the character's pain you feel that they are like you.

Now I bet your thinking why am I going on and on about teenagers and you probably think I am taking teenagers side but I am not. I do understand when parents and others decide that teenagers are bad news but we weren't always like that, we will grow up one day then we will have to be mature but let teenagers have a little fun for their childhood remember that you were just like them too. I'm not saying let teenagers do whatever I want but give them a little space because you won't understand what there life is about and they may be facing some really difficult parents be a parent to them and offer them support and love if they don't need that then just give them some time to think about what there doing and that they shouldn't  take it on everyone else.

Being a teenager is al-right I guess though I don't feel any different from the way when I was 12 however when your not a teenager and behave badly teenagers get the blame. I am not saying teenagers are perfect because we as humans are far from being perfect. No human is perfect and if they are what you say perfect then even they have things that in life make them in perfect. I remember there was a girl I thought was perfect found out she smokes that doesn't make her any different. Teenagers are just people too who like having fun and showing off technologies yes, it would be great if they read books but they will to one day.

The society give bad names to teenagers like us who may not be like the others, who may love to read. But have to hide what they like because they don't want their friends to call them bad names. Teenagers  are not all the same some of they might not be like the others but you blame all because of a certain few.

What a parent thinks of us teenagers:

"I feel that teenagers are more ungrateful these days and that they feel that they need to be rude to people for no apparent reason. I also feel they are more ignorant towards important worldly topics because they are too concentrated on dull high school drama. I feel that this ignorant and pretentious behavior can only get worse as the years go by because these people will never be introduced to something different."

Se what some teenagers behave have costed us bad names to all of us. Maybe if you are a teenager who does something bad please don't give us another bad names. I feel really hurt that teenagers are assumed so badly when not all of us are like that. Some inconsiderate people actions cost us shame. Please don't give us bad names I beg teenagers reading this right now if you know someone who is doing something causing us bad names please tell them what they are causing us. But for all adults reading this, you assume teenagers are a bad influence always in drugs, gangs and others but not all of us are like that so the next time you say something about teenagers think about which teenagers in particular not just teenagers as in everyone aged between 13-18.

Nowadays teenagers play video games but that is because of the world we live in is full of computers and play stations so it is not our fault that some of us like playing video games and having fun because it is the society we live in we are shown more games then books. The surrounding's around us influence us we see parents on computer's and we copy them it is the nation we live in. We can't stop people playing video games because it is their choice and we can't stop them but we can influence people to read more books and thanks to movellas teenagers like me are given a place where we can read books written by people our age and we write books using creativity. So I find it ashamed that the government and parents say that it is our fault, that we teenagers are lazy, inconsiderate rude because not all of us are and maybe we wouldn't if the society took care of us teenagers and allowed us to be proud of reading a book instead of being laughed out so that is why us teenagers are reading less books because of the society.

Don't Blame us for we have done nothing wrong. Blame those who would rather go on our phones 24/7. 

We are not all like the others who cause the bad names, lots of us are actually good people who work hard in life to achieve something good in life. Just a few words every day can change a teenagers life their behaviour is like that because of their family and the environment they live in I am not saying that it is anyone's fault but that not all teenagers are lazy, rude bad behaved and mean.  Finally I would just like to say don't judge those who would never be caught with a book but the rest who would proudly read a book over a movie any day.

Sorry for people reading who may not like it I just want my point to be heard. Thank you for using your time to listen to my voice which needs to be heard. Thank you for reading my long chapter I hope you like it and teenagers look at how people judge them because of some we need to show them who we are. Thank you for Listening.

By Sabitha Kiritharan,13.


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