Teen talent

this is my entry for the Stand up for teens competiton. It is a girl named Jade that is complaing about an article she recently read. Hope you like it . :)


1. teen talent .

dear editor.

   I am here to complain about a story that I read in your magazine "Teen Talent" saying that teens were lazy and all they where good for was robbing things. I know you got rodded recently because it was on the news. I'm sorry, but there is no reason to point the finger at us teen. Just because your tv got robbed does'nt mean you can point the finger at us! It could of been anyone . And saying that all we do is watch tv is insane! Yes we do enjoy the occasional episode of Glee or football, LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! And yes, teen's do go through peer pressure. Like when we were in primary school everyone would let everyone join in games and skipping and no one would judge anyone because of what they were wearing of what music they like. But now, it's all one big clique. With populars , who are skinny, goth who wear dark make-up. And us nerds, who appearently love maths and books. I love writing and reading books and I'm the most popular girl in school. Well at the start I was a total loner but people saw through my frizzy hair and glasses and I do'nt judge me and respect that I am who I am. I even joined a writing website called Movellas. Also  when you wrote about " All teens drinking, partying too much and taking drugs" was terrible. Maybe we might go to the occasional disco and house party but what do you wants us to be.. ROBOTS!! We have to live a little! And the drink and drugs bit . Were not the only age group to over do drink and drug. Yes there have been stories about the age of illegal drink and drug taking comning down to the ages of 12 when they start. But "All" is used too freely in this article. And when you said " The test scores are comning down because teens are being persuaded by there peers not to study". When my junior cert is coming up or any test I don't go out partying or pressured by my peers to study. So I don't know where your getting this crap from. And when you said that " teens would rather put on make-up and play the Play Station then read the great novels by Charlies Dickens and William Shakespear" I have you know that my favortiet book is Romeo and Juilet  and imvery fond of Charlie Dickens work. I'm not saying I read all old book. I also talk to my friends about "The Hunger games ". Also those book are for Young readers . Like for example "Harry Potter" sold over a milion copies that everyone , espically teen bought and also with the "Twlight books". And teens read them before there in the cinma. Also, when you wrote about " Us being always moody and crying". Of course we are. With our hormones being everywhere and the fact that everyone puts pressure on us. Parents , Teacher, The media telling us to but a size 0 and to were to niciest cloths.And we cry because were trying to make everyone happy and we just can't please everyone. So Think before you right thing and think that us teens are the next genoration of Scientist, Doctors,Musican and what I want to become a writer.


Yours sinserly'

Jade Smith.

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