Who killed Macey Green?

About a murder with an unexpected killer. Everyone is a suspect, but only one person commited the crime...but who was it?


7. Macey

Derek Rushton. That son of an idiot. Just saying his name makes by voice waver, it pains me to remember his face. He was always evil. But even when i was dying, in the grasp of his cold arms, i knew that justice would eventually rule. He is dead to me. Just like i am dead to him...

The world i have left behind mourns me, and i feel so special about it. My time in the limelight is sweet, even if it did end up with me being in heaven. But it is all i ever wanted - who cares how i got it?

You may think i'm a bitch; you may think i have no soul (well i guess you'd be right with that last one) but i know just as well as anyone that revenge is bitter. One day everyone will forget about me, and what will i be? Just that girl who nobody ever got the chance to know, my queen bee status at highschool will soon be replaced with some other cold, hard, plastic girl.

I just wish i could forget that night, when we were at that party. Derek and i got a bit drunk and started to fool around. The next thing i knew, i was pregnant. With his son. He never forgave me for putting that baby up for adoption. He thought we could be good parents. But i knew we couldn't, and i knew it wasn't fair to let my son grow up and think that i loved his father. I'm sorry Derek. I'm sorry i didn't take your opinion into consideration. But after all, mothers know best, huh?

I love you Lewis. Please, please, never forget me, because that would hurt even more than my murder.

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