Who killed Macey Green?

About a murder with an unexpected killer. Everyone is a suspect, but only one person commited the crime...but who was it?


5. Detective Lopez

Still no more news in the case of Macey Green. It has been two days since the tradgedy happened, and still nobody has come forward with Katrina O'Brien's witness report. I am just so confused at the moment. I am the best detective in town...how could i have missed such vital evidence if it slipped through my door? No, it's ok, i haven't missed anything...I just need to calm down.


2 days later

Today we recieved a confession from a women named Christina Bellman. She has confessed to murdering Macey. But i have a hunch that it's not right. It just seems too fishy. Why would you confess to a sin that big, and sign your name at the bottom? It just doesn't make sense.


2 days after that

I've got it! OH MY GOD! I have had an epiphany!!! The letterhead on the paper we recieved the note on was marked with a 'D'. There's only one person around these streets that is known as 'D'. He is going to pay for the crimes he commited. I must go and speak to the magistrate!

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