Who killed Macey Green?

About a murder with an unexpected killer. Everyone is a suspect, but only one person commited the crime...but who was it?


6. D-

Ah, shoot, i've been busted. My conscience must have been trying to get me committed. I'm such an idiot! Why the hell wouldn't they think it was suspicious for a confession to have a signature, especially when it has been typed on letterheaded paper with different initials!! Oh crap, i'm really done for now.

Any minute now there will be a knock on the door. My time has come to serve for my crimes. There's no way out. I am trapped in this void of crimminal activity, and it is an endless one. I am overwhelmed with guilt, for myself not for Macey. Hell, she deserved exactly what she was given. Now i must serve a life sentance in prison. But it was worth it....


Goodbye sweet life, i will sure miss you.

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