Who killed Macey Green?

About a murder with an unexpected killer. Everyone is a suspect, but only one person commited the crime...but who was it?


4. D-

One less body in the world. One less bitch in the hallways. Everyone at school is grief stricken, but i can't help but laugh. Obviously i don't in public, but when i'm by myself i congratulate my efforts. My courage. My spirit.

Sure, i may not get into heaven now...i may only make it to hell, but what do i care? All that really matters is that i have got my revenge, i have vanquished my depression from when she was still alive. That witness, Katrina is going crazy to the press, demanding that they take her statement again. But they won't believe her without any evidence. I have her notes right here, stolen fresh from the police officer's notepad. Don't ask me how i did it. That would be revealing one secret too many...


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