Who killed Macey Green?

About a murder with an unexpected killer. Everyone is a suspect, but only one person commited the crime...but who was it?


2. D-

Last night i accomplished my task. I got my sweet, sweet revenge. Watching the light drain out of her eyes was like the cherry on top of the cake. My pure bliss. She didn't struggle - she always was a headstrong girl, bulshy and irritating. The way she flicked her hair, her snide remarks whenever she passed me and her condescending glares that she always threw in my direction. She deserved everything that came to her.

We never were good friends; we never had much in common. She was always the mean girl at the centre of attention - just how she liked it. She even managed to make herself the centre of attention in her death...Stupid cow. You may call me a sycho, a freak, a murderer, but none of those names matter to me. Nothing does anymore.

I hatched my plan in my room, my superb idea of how i would end her catty life. I would follow her home after class and wait outside her house. I stayed in the dark night shadows until she made her exit, pouting as usual (she had said earlier that afternoon that she was going shopping for fags at the market, and i knew it would be late in the night because her father didn't approve - little did she care). I would cross in silence behind her, and then grab her neck. You know what came next. Then i would steal the witnesses report of what they saw, and write a fake confession that i would later send to the police under a fake name. Oh, the master of sweet revenge i am....

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