The person who broke her heart

Eliza is Dating ( well fake dating) Justin Bieber but he falling for Eliza's Best friend Salome and for Eliza she still in love with her Ex Harry Styles...


2. Ohhh

"Oh sorry Darling" harry apologized Justin turned his head to see what happend 

"Yo Harry what's up long time no see?" Justin asked. he was totally oblivious to Eliza's and Harry's Past. That was good

"Not much just hanging with some mates? You?" Harry said. this was defiantly awkward having your Ex and you Fake "Boyfriend" talking to each other


"Ohh Just letting my Beautiful Girlfriend showing me around London in the view of an Londoner. sorry Bro but we gotta go I think Eliza a little bit tired

They said goodbye and walk to the car and went back to the hotel.

Meanwhile Salome was on the phone talking to Sasha about Justin

"Sally when is Justin going to ask you out?" Sasha asked 

"I don't know? Never. For the 100th time he doesn't like me Sasha" Salome protested (Ha-ha - it's Directioner thing)

"Your in denial Sweetie. Eliza told me that he speaks about you all the time!!" Sasha replied 

"No, I'm not in denial and I have to go I'm about to go on the catwalk for Victoria Beckham... BYEEEE LOVE YOU"

Salome Hanged up before Sasha could speak. Did Justin really speak about her all the time? and did he really like her.?she thought Justin liked Eliza? everyone did. She was the most prettiest out of the three of them but why would Justin like her? He went out with Selena Gomez. who is famous and really pretty. why doesn't Justin go out with someone more famous and prettier than her?

She was ready to go out and walk down the catwalk.

Salome was confused. she was going to confront Justin about this!

She  was going to tell Justin about her feelings toward him.....



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Sorry for the short chapter and 


after editing my mistakes

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So I'm going to write Chapter 3 NOW!!! and hopefully post it today!!!


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