The person who broke her heart

Eliza is Dating ( well fake dating) Justin Bieber but he falling for Eliza's Best friend Salome and for Eliza she still in love with her Ex Harry Styles...


4. I have to tell you important like now!!!


Salome was walking down the high street to get to Justin's hotel she was listening to music on her phone


e and thinking on what she was going to say to Justin like

Justin I really like you he he he or Justin I loved ever since we kissed on the music video. No that didn't sound like her

work she was just going to be blatantly honest with Justin just simple and sweet. If Eliza and Sasha said that Justin liked her. she won't get rejected like she had been in the past. that why Salome was insecure. she had people tell her that she wasn't meant to be model or that she wasn't a good dancer and don't forget the time in year 13 when she got the nerve to ask her crush Jack to hang with her at the dance this is where he said no then Chelsea the slag in the year came over and Kissed his face off. she ran out of school and didn't come back for two weeks. Eliza and Sasha was with her all the time before Eliza went back to NYC for a photo shoot for Nicki Minaj Fashion line


By the time Salome stop thinking she was in the hotel and heading toward the lift pressing the up button.




"Hey Salome your here" Justin said 

"Hey Justin  i need to tell you something really important is okay we go into the Balcony?"

"Sure  let me grab a blanket so we'll be warm..." 


Justin went to grab a blanket from his bedroom where Eliza was on his bed on her laptop talking to someone she looked happy

"Hey Eliza please don't come outside. Salome wants to talk to me. I think I'm going to ask her out!" Justin said 

"GO ON J YOU CAN DO IT BOI" Eliza screamed. she was really excited she really shipped them together




"Hey Justin"

"Hey, i got the blankets" he said he wrapped a blanket around her sholders she looked blue as it was November... and they where in london

"Thanks" she smiled at Justin trying to not seem nervous which she failing at.

"Urrr Salome i want to ask you something really important like now"

"I have to tell you something important like now.., you go first"

"Um mm Salome ilikeyouandwanttoyouobemygirlfriend" He said in a rush

"All i got was like you and girlfriend"

"Yeah yeah Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"YESSSSSSSS" she screamed Probably waking up the whole of London

"YAY" justin said 

Justin Pulled Salome into a kiss. the first kiss they shared as Boyfriend and Girlfriend.



A/N so i got this done!!! i can't believe i got so many view :) YAY :)

So  apparently Justin and Selena Broke up???? Are you upset or not... 

so i don't know if im going to continue with this? should I or should I start new one? A harry styles one?

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