The person who broke her heart

Eliza is Dating ( well fake dating) Justin Bieber but he falling for Eliza's Best friend Salome and for Eliza she still in love with her Ex Harry Styles...


1. Apologizes and Dresses

Eliza and Justin were holding hands while walking down Oxford street. Eliza and Justin were in fact dating... Well fake dating and they were both in love with someone else but didn't know it.  Justin with Eliza's Best friend Salome (Sal-o-may) and Eliza with Harry... Harry Styles. yep. They use to date but that was so last year....


Harry dumped Eliza for Caroline Flack (They went out for publicity) who "ended it 3 month later" but the feeling for Harry and Eliza had for each other are still are very strong. 

Eliza is the Nation's sweetheart and singer/model/songwriter/presenter/role model for teenagers worldwide. Everyone wanted to be her but Eliza didn't like herself she knew all her flaws and that she wasn't a good role model for teenagers out there. she was very insecure. no one knew but Harry and her Best friend Salome 

 Salome (Hey if your reading this Salome) 

Salome is a model/actress/dancer

she was in Justin Latest Music video Fall and in the video she and Justin had to share a kiss and when they kissed they both felt fireworks...  Ca boom.

even though Salome and Eliza are Best friend. Eliza so shipped Salome with Justin.she and her other bestise Sacha teases Salome about the kiss. Eliza didn't mind that Justin and Salome at Crushing on each other. she still was hopeless in love with Harry

As Justin and Eliza walked out of Topshop with at least three bags full of dresses,shoes and t-shirts.

she bumped into someone as she turned around holding Justin's hand about to apologize. she saw him

she saw Harry Styles - the person Who broke her Heart 



Hey, so this is my first story on Movellas. my friend got me on here and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to write a story for her. As she is a Belieber and I'm a Directoner i decided to write one with both Justin and One direction together.

so far the characters are real Salome and Sasha are really my friends and Eliza is loosely based on me... 

L x

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