Something to Fight For

About Adam, after Tessa Scott has died and how her life is imprinted on his forever. An Adaption from the film and book 'Now is Good'.


1. Chapter 1

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a cancer of the blood or bone marrow that attacks the central nervous system. She lived with it for 4 years and fought as hard as she could until she couldn't anymore. I met her at the very end. Before her 18th Birthday she made a list, of everything she wanted to do in the time she had left. When she met me that list changed, she just wanted to live, without pain or random attacks, just live a normal teenage life. For a small amount of time she did, she had a normal life with me, we fell in love and spent every minute together but eventually time ran out. Even though I am sad that she has gone, she taught me so many lessons that will influence my life for ever. She will always be with me, even though she isn't here in person.


Tessa Scott taught me every life lesson anyone needs, her name is still plastered all over town, and they haven’t taken it down as a sign of respect for her life. 

To Be continued: any Ideas would me much appreciated 

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