Forever Torn

Kassie has no idea that by going to that interview, she is setting herself up to be played. What happens when you have three boys going after you and two of them are famous? You become Forever Torn.......


5. Who is it?

This is also a part where you don't know who it is. I got nothing so read on!


Kassie's POV

What? How could he fancy me? I-what? I'll talk to him when we get back to the flat.

The car ride was completely silent other than Zayn's comb running through his hair and Lou munching on carrots.

"Louis, can I have a carrot?" I decided to break the silence.

"Sure babe. Just make sure you don't fangirl."

"How many times have I told you? I only fangirl over my brother!" We all burst out laughing again. I wiped a tear and looked up. He was looking at me. I looked away and grabbed a carrot. This was gonna be an awkward week.......

Louis POV

*Back at the flat*

Wow. I thought we were all just friends here. Apparently there were feeling involved. I'm not good with feelings. Kassie's gonna want her mind off this.

"LIAM!" I called from the living room.

"What?" He appeared from the kitchen.

"Kassie's gonna want her mind off-you know."

"Yeah. I was just thinking about that. What do you have in mind?"

"You know how she never gets any girl time?" he nodded. "That's gonna change."

Kassie's POV

I couldn't confront him. I didn't want things to be awkward. Well, I guess things already were awkward. But being in the same room as him ALONE. Not gonna happen any time soon.

I walked away from his door and back to my room. I'll talk to him tomorrow. Maybe.

I grabbed my laptop and powered it up. As I was waiting for it to load, I walked into my bathroom to find my hairdryer on the floor and my straightener in the shower. I definitely didn't leave them there.

"BOYS! LIVING ROOM NOW!" I yelled while running down the stairs. I stood facing the couch and chairs as the boys filed in. I held up my blow dryer and straightener after they all settled in.

"Why were these in the floor and in my shower?" They all looked at me blankly before Louis cracked up causing the rest of them to laugh too. Until Liam realized I was serious.

"Wait. They were really in your shower an don the floor?"

"Yes. Who got into my stuff. Cause whoever did, better have an explanation."

They all looked at each other. Then at me.

"We didn't get into your stuff. I could tell if any of us did. We would have took it. Not put it on the floor."

"Whatever. I forgive you this time."

I walked into the kitchen and got a bowl out of the cupboard. I got a spoon out of the drawer-I'll never understand how my brother is scared of those-and poured myself some cereal.

I had just finished and was washing my dishes when I felt eyes on me. I turned to find him staring at me.



:ppppp It was Harry the whole time! I guess it was kinda stupid for me to have you guess because I updated it like 20 minutes later. Oops. LOVE YA, Kassie :*********

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