Forever Torn

Kassie has no idea that by going to that interview, she is setting herself up to be played. What happens when you have three boys going after you and two of them are famous? You become Forever Torn.......


2. The Interview

Sorry:( I haven't had internet for a while. Hope you like this chapter:)


Kassie's POV

Interviewer: So who's single?

Zayn: Taken

Louis: Taken by a gorgeous girl:)

Liam: Taken. I love you Dani.

Interviwer: Awwwww

Niall & Harry: Single

Niall: But hopefully not for long.

Interviwer: Have you found your princess Nialler?

Niall: I hope so, I don't know if she likes me back though.

I zoned out there wondering who wouldn't crush on Niall. He's so cute and funny. Whenever he laughs, his eyes turn even bluer. When he smiles......STOP KASSIE!! Niall is your best friend! And Liam wouldn't approve because if he ever broke my heart I would have to leave and there's no where for me to go. KASSIE! Pay attention!

"So, Liam. I heard your sister is touring with you and the boys now." the interviwer says to Liam.

"Yes she is"

"Is she here? Can we bring her out?" Liam looks at me. I widen my eyes and shake my head.

"Yes. Kassie, come oooouuuttt! If you don't, I'll come get yooooouuuu!" Liam threatens playfully.

I shake my head and stand firmly where I am. Liam gets up from the couch and walks over to me. "I'm not going out there. No way. Everyone will stare at me and I hate crowds. You know that!"

"You'll be with us. Plus, you know they are only jelly of you because you get to hang out with us dorks."

"I'm NOT going out there."

"Fine, you leave me no choice." Liam bent down and threw me over his shoulder.


"Not yet." He carried me onto the stage and set me down. He must've known I planned on running because he grabbed my wrist and set me down beside Zayn. Harry on my other side and Niall beside him. Lou was beside Zayn and Liam was standing on the side of the couch. Harry pulled me into his lap and pointed at Liam, then to where I was sitting. Liam gave him a pointed look and sat.

"Ummmmm, hi." I looked at the interviewer.l


"I'm new at this so please take it easy on me."

"Of course. Are you single?"

I was startled by her abrupt question. "No," I felt Harry tense up under me. "I have an amazing boyfriend named Connor and we have just started dating a week ago."


This chapter is kinda short sorry:( I have to go though. I will try and update tommorow. Kisses :* MWWWAHHH!

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