Forever Torn

Kassie has no idea that by going to that interview, she is setting herself up to be played. What happens when you have three boys going after you and two of them are famous? You become Forever Torn.......


3. The Interview Part 2

Okay, the last chapter would have been longer but I had to get off the internet earlier than planned. Sorry:(


Kassie's POV

"Is this him?" A picture of me and Connor holding hands yesterday showed on the screen behind us.

"Yes. How did you-never mind. I don't want to know." I laughed and Zayn chuckled. The rest of the boys were looking at me.


"Kassie, you never told us about Connor." Liam looked at me.

"I didn't think you needed to know. Connor's coming over tonight and I was gonna tell you then but I answered her question truthfully. Anyone else wanna question Connor and I? No? Good."

"Anyways, Kassie how did you meet the boys?"

"Well, Liam is my older brother and he introduced me to the boys after X-Factor. I met Zayn first and then we went out to lunch where I met Harry, Lou and Niall."

"And she kept fangirling over me. She was like, 'Ohmigosh! It's Louis Tomlinson! Marry me!'" Lou laughed.

"I did not. If I did, it would have been over Liam because he's my older brother and I know him most!" The boys burst out laughing at Louis mock hurt expression that was on his face. I of course, laughed along with them.

After we all calmed down, Judy-I figured out her name-asked a couple more questions to all of us. She said she had one more question and it was very serious.

"Do any of you fancy Kassie?"


I'm sorry. I had to leave it at a cliffhanger. I would have wrote more but I NEEDED to leave it at a cliffhanger. It makes it so much more interesting. It really does. Kisses, Kassie :****

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