Forever Torn

Kassie has no idea that by going to that interview, she is setting herself up to be played. What happens when you have three boys going after you and two of them are famous? You become Forever Torn.......


1. Getting Ready

My writing kinda sucks so I don't blame you if you hate it :( I just kinda wanted to know what it felt like to have a movella......I really like most of the fan-fictions on here and I wanted to try writing one myself. Hope you like it. Lots of love, Kassie <3

Niall's P.O.V


"Niall, st-stop it!"

"What if I don't want to?"

"NIALL!" she shrieked. I snickered and watched her squirm under me.

"What is going on in here?" Liam walked in, "And why is Kassie on the floor under you?"

"Niall's tickling me" she pouted and I looked up at Liam with an innocent expression on my face.

"I don't know what she's talking about."

"Niall, get off her. We have to be at the interview in a hour."

"You're still coming right Kassie?"

"Of course. As long as you and Zayn don't pick on me again."

"Wouldn't think of it love." Zayn walked in and winked at her.

"KASSIE! I HAVE A CRISIS UP HERE!" Louis voice came from upstairs.

"Why me? Why do they all pick me?" I heard her mutter as she walked past me. I started to giggle but she turned around to glare at me. I whistled innocently and looked around the room. She rolled her eyes. "Idiot."

"You know you love me." I gave her a cheeky wink.

"Yeah, yeah. Didn't Liam tell you to change?"


"NIALL! LANGUAGE! Liam hollered at me from the kitchen. She snickered before turning towards the stairs to go help Lou. I sighed and climbed the stairs after her. She entered Lou's room and I entered mine. I heard her scream and opened my door to see her in the hallway bright red.

"What happened?" I asked as she crossed the hall and hid her face in my chest. She mumbled something and I didn't quite catch it. "What?"

"I accidentally saw Louis naked!" she whisper-yelled at me. I laughed and she glared at me. 

"What? It's funny!"

"No it's not"

"Kassie, come back! It actually is kinda funny."

"Shutup Niall!" I shutup. ""I'm just going to get ready. I'll see you at the interview.

I sighed. Louis opened his door and peeked out. "Is she out there?"

"No. She went to get ready."

"Okay. I can't show my face to her now!" Louis practically cried into my shoulder.

"Yes you can, just don't say anything pervy and you'll be fine."

"Cause I'm the one who says perverted stuff. Harry does not me. Speak of the devil." Harry walked out of his room and passed right by us to go downstairs.

"Hazza wait!" Louis called down the stairs. I guess that was my cue to get ready. I heard running water and knew Kassie was in the shower. Guess that means I'm not showering. Oh well, I showered last night. I grabbed my red polo and and tan khakis before stripping down to my underwear. I slipped the pants on and pulled the polo over my head. 

"There you are." Liam turned to look at me. "Now we can go."

"Wait, what about Kassie?"

"Paul hired a driver to bring her over later. We still have to get out hair done."

"Right. Okay....." I looked behind me as we left. Not wanting to leave my best friend behind.

"She'll be fine mate. There's security stationed all around the flat."

"I know. I just don't want her to feel left behind."

"She knows that she's gonna be picked up in half a hour. I told her earlier. Let's go."

I walked out to the car. I turned around in my seat and saw her waving out the window. I waved back until Harry yelled at me for hitting him in the face on accident. Oops.

Kassie's P.O.V

I waved until I couldn't see the car anymore. Then I turned around and walked into my closet. The boys spoiled me and I got anything and everything I wanted. I took out my high waisted shorts and my flowered top, paired with my white TOMS. I couldn't wait to get there.

I heard a beep from out front as I was finishing my hair. It was straightened to perfection, and my blue eyes had the perfect amount of makeup on. Giving myself a quick once over in the mirror, I grabbed my phone and wallet off the table. Gotta get to the boys interview!


Sorry if it sucked. It's my first time writing a fan-fiction so I don't really know what I'm doing. My friends keep begging me to write more so.....I'm guessing they like it. Hope you did too. <3 Kassie

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