Love concurs all

Amelia and Malcum try to keep their love life alive whilst hiding it from the world and those who wish to destroy it.
Full of seriouse and funny moments and jokes so bad they are good! :D


3. An explanation

Being a teenager in my house isn't fun...your treated like a kid and expected to act like an adult. (like most houses I guess.)

Having a relationship without your parents knowing is even harder, particularly when your parents have a 'no boy's' rule set in concrete and written in stone...

My name is Amilia Casttell, I'm 15 years old, and I have been hiding my relationship with my boy friend Callum for nearly two years now.

Some people think 'WOW! That's a long time!' others think 'why haven't you told your parents yet?' and others might think 'you are a master of sneekynes!' (which I am of Coarce) but what you have to understand about my situation, is that Callum would end up a wall hanging abouve the fire place and I would be under house arrest until I turn 18 (or until I leave home, what ever comes first)

Malcom isn't exactly happy with the situation, but he dosent complain, and when the time is right (which I'm hoping is soon) we will tell our parents (and suffer the following consiquences, what ever they may turn out to be)

This is a story of one particular adventure that we once had, full or drama, action and the odd funny (and Punny) moments here and there.

So sit back, and enjoy.
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