Love concurs all

Amelia and Malcum try to keep their love life alive whilst hiding it from the world and those who wish to destroy it.
Full of seriouse and funny moments and jokes so bad they are good! :D


4. A Trip

Well, to put it bluntly we had been in a relationship in the past, but it fell through.
We went on a trip with our scout troop to some island off the coast of Scotland, a place called Mull.
(yes we do scouts, not as bad as most people make it out to be)

At first it was awkward, we had had so much together, and then it was shattered into pieces, but there was something. A small slither of what we used to have, and what we wanted back.

We visited some historical places, saw some monuments, and ate some really bad food (we where camping, I expected nothing more) and somewhere inbetween all of that, we found what we loved in each other again. The simmering spark had been re-lit and was burning brightly!

We had to hide our love from everyone at first. (Running into the arms of a past lover is generally found upon.) but as the trip went on we started to care less.

We were on the trip for 10 days, we got back together on the 4th and by the 6th it was like nothing had ever happened to us, but little did we know that we would get torn apart once more, by a catastrophic event of epic proportions...enough to shatter the world.

(nothing to drastic obviously, that would just be heart braking now wouldn't it?)
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