True love by fate.

A girl in need of help. A boy coming to their rescue. What more is there to say. Read and you will find out :)

Ps this is about Niall horan but he is not famous in it. :) if you wanna know what it's about read it an find out :)

Ps again. Don't forget to comment. i love hearing your feedback :)


5. What happened to you?

All I remember is that i was walking through the woods, taking a shortcut, when suddenly I was attacked by a group of men. At least 4 surrounded me. I tried to escape, but there were too many, and I only had a branch for protection. And thats the last thing I remember. I do not know how you came to find me on that path, or why I am not dead.

Niall smiled at her. "The stars must shine favourably on you. To live through such an ordeal... That is more than luck."

It was more than luck, too, that Alice wound up on that path and Niall had found her. Now they were together, it felt almost like fate had lent a hand, Alice March was meant to be there, and Niall Horan was meant to have found her. Why, Niall did not know. But it felt so certain.

It also did'nt hurt that Alice was one of the most beautiful individuals Niall had ever seen. Her sleek red hair contrasted with large, piercing hazel eyes set in a lovely face. And her sculpted body, half hidden by the bed linens, was a further attraction. Niall could hardly suppress his desire to run his hands over that soft hair and perfect body. But he kept his feeling under control. Alice had just survived a nearly fatal encounter. Now was not the time for romance.

So Niall has feeling for Alice? will they get together? what will happen? only time will tell <3

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