True love by fate.

A girl in need of help. A boy coming to their rescue. What more is there to say. Read and you will find out :)

Ps this is about Niall horan but he is not famous in it. :) if you wanna know what it's about read it an find out :)

Ps again. Don't forget to comment. i love hearing your feedback :)


13. The end, or is it?

They layed down next to each other once done, and fell asleep in each others arms.

They were together and nothing could tear them apart, atleast, thats what they thought.

They were both sound asleep when the loud sound of a window smashing sounded.

"What was that" Niall said waking up quickly.

Alice woke up at the sound of Nialls voice. They both got up and put on some clothes, then half way though putting on some socks, the door smashed open.

5 men ran in the room and grabbed Niall and Alice, they tied them up, covered their eyes, and tied a piece of rope around their mouths.

They shoved them into the back of a black van and drove off, leaving the house in total disrepair.

What was happening, Alice and Niall had been taken and they didnt have no idea why.

All they knew was that if they were going to survive this, they needed to stick together and use their devotion to eachother as a strength.

The End- Or is it?

A/N: This is the end to the first book. The next book will be out soon. Find out what happens to the two lovers and what they will go through and do to escape.

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