True love by fate.

A girl in need of help. A boy coming to their rescue. What more is there to say. Read and you will find out :)

Ps this is about Niall horan but he is not famous in it. :) if you wanna know what it's about read it an find out :)

Ps again. Don't forget to comment. i love hearing your feedback :)


9. I love you <3

A bright smile broke across Niall's face as soon as Alice had spoken. "You know", he said. "I have been thinking the same thing! That night I found you, I had been worried and unable to think. Some strange power led me out into the terrace, and that's when I saw you."

Alice took Niall's hand. "So you think... We were meant to be together?"

"I have no doubt about it." He replied.

Slowly, Niall leaned in and kissed Alice's lips softly.

"I love you", he whispered.

"I love you too, Niall Horan", Alice whispered in return.

Sorry for it being short guys but I thought it was the right time to end the chapter. Don't worry I have added another couple of chapters
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