True love by fate.

A girl in need of help. A boy coming to their rescue. What more is there to say. Read and you will find out :)

Ps this is about Niall horan but he is not famous in it. :) if you wanna know what it's about read it an find out :)

Ps again. Don't forget to comment. i love hearing your feedback :)


11. Can I take you home?

"Can I finally take you home?" He asked.

"Haha. Ok then", she smiled.

Niall took her hand and they walked over to his car, a awesome old red pick up truck. He opened the door for her and helped her inside. After getting himself in, he put the key in to start the car and drove, using the directions Alice had given him.

When they reached the house, Niall couldn't help but smile. The house they arrived at was beautiful. Flowers embedded round the front garden and a beautiful wooden, rustic door to lead into the house. It was like something from a fairy tale.

Alice took hold of Niall's hand and led him inside. "Welcome to my little piece of heaven", she said smiling. "It's so cosy", he replied.

"Thank you, I'm glad you like it", she replied.

It was then that their eyes met and Niall couldn't control himself any longer.

( oooo what's gonna happen? Don't worry I didn't stop updating. I'm publishing everything I have written. Then I can start writing more and add that later on :)
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