True love by fate.

A girl in need of help. A boy coming to their rescue. What more is there to say. Read and you will find out :)

Ps this is about Niall horan but he is not famous in it. :) if you wanna know what it's about read it an find out :)

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3. ALIVE <3

Mr. Horan shook his head sadly. "Nothing the doctors won't already have tried" he said. They had already brought her to the hospital, and she was already in a room on life support.

"But it might help if you just sit with her, she will need a friendly face when she wakes from this ordeal, and you are the closest thing she has right now." He added.

"I understand," said Niall. "I wil stay with her as long as it takes. I will not let her die."

With that, Niall turned and hurried to the room where she was being nursed. She was surrounded by doctors, all of whom wore the same concerned expression. They had washed her body and covered her wounds, but the girl still showed no signs of improvement. Her breathing was shallow, and her pulse was weak. One of the doctors turned to Niall with a defeated sigh.

"It will be an uphill battle" one of the doctors said. "We have done all we can. Now, we can only wait and see if she wakes."

Niall nodded resolutley. "I will stay with her through the night and keep an eye on her."

One by one, the doctors left the bedside, the last closing the door behind them. In the light the bulbs were making, Niall dipped a square of cloth in a bowl of warm water left by the doctors, and gently used it to stroke the remaining blood off the girls lips. Then, taking hold of the girls limp hand, he settled into the bedside chair and prepared to wait through the remainder of the long, cold night.


"Where... Where am I?"


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