My Love

A girl who is madly in love with Louis Tomlinson. Will their love survive or will it end in a horrible incident? Will her past interfere with her love with Louis and the boys?


3. Kidnapped

Louis' POV
What kind of civil person would do that to a inocent girl? I love her and I cant let her go. I wont let her be in the state once more.

Its night, the sky is dark, there are no stars, the moon isn't visible, its dark and scary. I hope nothing will happen.

Its around midnight. I heard the front door open. I heard a high pitched scream. I ran down the stairs. The others hot on my tail. I see that same guy pulling my girlfriend out of the house. I punched him in the face. I was hit at my head, I blacked out.

Louisa's POV
The boys are all unconcious. My two brothers, my dad, and my mum and my sister did it. I was dragged to the compartment of the car. They got the boys and brought them at the back seat. Before they could start the car, they put a bag over my head. It was pitch black, I couldn't see anything. It was silent car ride. It was around thirty minutes when they dragged me to another place. They removed the bag. I could see I was in a cellar. I could tell by the lighting and the surroundings. They left me, and locked the door. I looked around, and I could see the boys surrounding me. I stood up, I tried walking but I was held back by handcuffs attached to a wooden pole. So were the boys. The door unlocked. I saw my family. My brother punched me in the face.

"This is what you do to us after all we've done for you!" He yelled
"You only tortured me all my life!" I yelled back
"You brat dont tou ever talk back like that!" My other brother said then ne punched me at the ribs

I winced in pain. They laughed and left me. I'm in a hopeless place what do I do?
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