My Love

A girl who is madly in love with Louis Tomlinson. Will their love survive or will it end in a horrible incident? Will her past interfere with her love with Louis and the boys?


2. He's Back

Louisa's POV
I took a good look at his face. Im still scared. Is it him? Liam looks like he knows the guy. Is it really him?

We drove home after reporting what happened. I was silent the whole car ride. The boys looked scared too. We got home, and there was a package. I opened it. Inside was my favorite stuff toy. It was a teddy bear. It was old and dirty. There was a message. It says....

My dear daughter,
Hello again ungrateful child. Im here to tell you that Im back and Im comming to get you. Say goodbye to your friends and say hello to tour past life or else something bad will happen to you and your "Family"
Your Biological Family

Im scared now. I handed the package to Liam. He gave me a huge hug, and the boys followed the same gesture. I love them all, I want to protect them because I love them.

"Now Louisa tell me your past" Louis said in a demanding voice

I bursted in to tears I could remember. What happened the pain and the torture. I dont want them to know about me and my bad side.

"Louis! If you want to know her past just listen, Louisa was part of a messed up family. She didn't their bad ways of living. She's a nice girl. I talk to her all the time she was like my best friend, until she like dropped off the face of the earth I never saw or heard from her for about two years. I began to loose faith. That I could talk to my best friend again. One day I got the strength to call her phone. She answered she told me to meet her infront of Colegio San Agustin or her old grade school. Which was shut down cause of a horrible incident. It was a quiet an sad place. When I got there she was filled with bruises and wounds. I couldn't bear to see her like this. I made her like my sister. She told me that she was abused severely by her family and now her past still haunts her, but for a period of time she forgot about this cause of you guys. Which brings us to the present" Liam said telling the whole story of my life

I just sat there my expression was blank. I didn't know what to do. Louis tried to comfort me. It didn't work. My family is back and he's back
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