My Love

A girl who is madly in love with Louis Tomlinson. Will their love survive or will it end in a horrible incident? Will her past interfere with her love with Louis and the boys?


1. Past

Louisa's POV
The concert is starting. My boyfriend Louis is on stage. I love this boy. The fandom doesn't know me yet but I'm Louisa Louis' girlfriend. Our names are a coincidence but our love was meant to be. I'm madly and deeply in love with him. I'm still afraid to tell him my past which only me and my cousin Liam knows. My past about my family. It could bring harm to the boys. Liam is like my brother I left my family for the fear that they might hurt me. Liam was my only family. Now I have four others.

The concert is over. I go backstage and meet the boys before I could go a man grabbed me and pulled me across the stadium. He said that if I shout he would slit my throat and that I would die. I followed and didn't say a word and just silently cried. Im scared what do I do?

Louis' POV
Why is Louisa not yet here, what happened? I rushed outside I saw a man pulling Louisa outside the stadium. She looked scared and she would try to break free but couldn't. I called the boys. We rushed after her. We got outside we saw them. He was forcing her to stay inside the compartment of his car. Liam was behind the man. When he looked back, Liam punched him at the face he was down cold. Niall called security. The rest and myself comforted Louisa. Theres something wrong here I just dont know what.
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