Secretly In Love

A story about a girl named Vanessa, and she is going to visit her family in Norway. Everything happens when she meets a guy, and feelings blows up into her body. All she want to know is if she's really in love, or is it just Innocent.


2. Chapter 2


Today was it the 27th June, the day of the first ceremony. I couldn’t believe it! My first thought was; ‘what’s going to happen?’ I’m so happy for my cousin to finally find a woman he can spend rest of his life with. And, I could finally get rid of him, and his speech about how love would feel if he found the one. Can you believe this guy? Well at least he found, and I only hoping him the best.

As I went down the hall, and down the stairs I realized something. My mom, my sister and I were supposed to go at the mall today. I can’t wait for that. I fell that it was time to go outside and get some fresh air, and explore the place.


My mom, my sister and I went to the shop, and we were looking for some dresses to wear tonight. To be honest, I don’t think I’m a dress fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to wear dresses, because they are nice to wear.

As we went to a shop, I looked around and realized that some boys who looked a bit older than me, staring at me. Well, that can’t be good. Guys whose stairs at me is the creepiest feeling in the world. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t get why boys or men, or I don’t know what to call them staring at me like I was some model, which I wasn’t. I think I’ll never get the answer, but I can do just ignore them, that would be nice.

Next thing I knew was that I felt something bumped into my body, and then I fell down on the floor. I looked up and saw a no one there. Although I saw a guy ran right past by me, not even bothering to look at me. What is wrong with this world? People these days are more stressed out, than they supposed to be. They can’t even go to work without bumping to people they’re passing by. Sometimes I wonder if the world could freeze a bit, and then we all could take a step back from our lives and just remind ourselves that life is too short to be stressed out, and we should remind ourselves to be thankful for life, and not take it for granted.

Well… I think it’s time to stop my philosophy talk. I don’t think my words would help a lot, but at least I have to try, right? Anyway, I got up from the floor and followed my mom and my sister back home.


When we arrived to the house, we made sure that we had everything we needed for tonight’s first ceremony. My mom took me to me and my sisters’ guest room, and we got ready for the ceremony.

I was wearing a Pakistanis dress, which had the beautiful blue color and a red color around the neck and around my wrists. There were also beautiful small patterns around the dress which had the gold color. And the last, but not the least I wearied a red scarf, which also matched the red color on the dress. 

I was really happy. I couldn’t take my eyes off my dress when I took a look at me at the mirror. I was just standing there, in front of the mirror and just staring at myself with that dress until my mom called me, and then we all went to the ceremony. I couldn’t help smiling in my thoughts, wondering that this night is going to be a great night. 

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