Secretly In Love

A story about a girl named Vanessa, and she is going to visit her family in Norway. Everything happens when she meets a guy, and feelings blows up into her body. All she want to know is if she's really in love, or is it just Innocent.


1. Chapter 1


I was on my way to Norway with my family. We were supposed to visit our other family, because they invited us to a wedding. My cousin Mustafa seemed to be so excited about his wedding, that he didn’t even paid attention to his own family. Well, except for his future wife, Fatema. I’m so glad that my cousin finally found his true love. The one he can trust.

Sometimes I wondered if I could find the true love of mine, and get married with my true love. I don’t get people who have boyfriends or girlfriends and then suddenly they break up. What’s up with that! You might never know who’s your true love is if you keep dating another person. I’m glad that I’m not that kind of person. I rather wait years until my true love can come by, than use my entire life just to keep dating, heartbreak after heartbreak, and never experience the true love.


Finally we made it in Norway, and met the rest of our family. We went to their house which was very beautiful. You could imagine that it was big house with a lot of space, and some really nice furniture. Well, nothing more about that. I took my suitcase and went upstairs to my cousins’ room and packed out. Today was it the 26th June, and tomorrow is the first day of the wedding. Perhaps, you’re a bit confused when I said that ‘tomorrow will be the first day of the wedding’. The reason why I said it is because in my country we have a tradition about weddings. The wedding takes place in three days. And the first day is;

(First Day) Henna party: Where you give the bride henna on and her friends are sitting, and joking around and having a good time. Then afterwards the fiancé will arrive with his friends in front of him. They’ll be dancing for a while, and then will the fiancé sit next to his bride.

(Second Day) Barat; It is the actual wedding day. The fiancé and his family arrive, and all the men and the boys dances while the girls throws flowers. And the fiancé is sitting on the stage, and watching his friends’ dances until the bride arrives.

(Last Day) Walima; It’s not that much special day. The woman had met her husband’s family, and ready for seeing her family again.

That’s pretty much it. I can’t wait for the wedding. I’m sure that the whole family and friends is pretty excited as much as I am. But theirs is something that keeps me worried. It’s my birthday on the last day of the wedding, and I can’t stop thinking that my family might forget my birthday because of the wedding. I hope it’s not going to happen. My heart would be broken if they forgot it.

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