She is the new girl. Sluty new girl with bright orange hair and freckles. deserves a kick in the head. she says "like" atleast six times in one sentences which makes it twice as long as it should be. And she stole my boyfriend.


2. Day 2

"Shyanne is with Josh again" said my best friend, May

"what does she want from him? That's it, i am going over there." I said as i got up

when i reached Josh and the cow, i gave Josh a kiss.

"Amanda, please" he said "your making Shyanne uncomfortable."

"Oh" i replied "Really? Well i am sorry Shayne, for kissing MY boyfriend."

"uh, it's Shyanne" she replied "And Joshie, you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend."

"Uh, um, didnt I?"

i had one last look at "Joshie" and smiled then walked off.



"Sooooo, what did she say" asked May excitedly, over the phone.

"Well, she called him "Joshie" and said that Josh didn't tell her he had a girlfriend"

"THAT BITCH" replied may. "uh, i have to go, it's dinner."


My words to describe May

Amazing, Gorgeous, Outgoing.

she has blonde hair and hazel eyes. her lips are pink and she has the makeup caked on all the time. But shes my bestie and i love her.



CHERRUBS! please comment if you want more Really? i would like your thoughts also,

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