She is the new girl. Sluty new girl with bright orange hair and freckles. deserves a kick in the head. she says "like" atleast six times in one sentences which makes it twice as long as it should be. And she stole my boyfriend.


1. Day 1

day 1

August 21st

She is gorgeous, orange hair matching her eyes. "She" is the new girl. MY boyfriend likes her. Shyanne is her name. I'm not jealous, nor worried. I am scared, scared to lose him.

"Really?" is all my friends say.

"he isn't that good anyway"

my response? "Yeah but i don't want to be alone like you"

i only became popular because of him. His golden locks of hair, deep blue eyes and that cute smile that melts my heart. Imagine that. Just imagine




Hey cherrubs! Like this story? you should read "my hatred comes in a pack of three" i am co author. comment for an update

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