The Malos

'let's run away from this place and never come back!'
These words sounded so good at the time. They where said with hope and enthusiasm in his big brown eyes as they danced and twinkled in the moon light.
They where said as if there was everything to gain and nothing to lose, but reality turned out to be the complete opposite...


2. The Marvel

Over the weeks and months that followed the cults beggining, more and more people joined, more and more people gave The Dictator money, and more and more people lots everything they had, except for the cult of coarse. That was the dictator's plan all along, drain them of everything they have, and leave them dependant on him and him alone.

They would come from far and wide, here there and everywere! Just to be with the 'Marvel', To hear his 'wisdom' and feel his 'magnifecance'

The population of the small cult grew, members got friends and family to join, spreading the 'good words' of the Dictator.

As the population grew the Dictator and the higher ranking members of the cult decided that it would be a good idea for the members to live together.
Or as the 'Marvel' put it: 'We will not just live, we shall prosper and thrive!'

So men and woman, young and old where put to work building houses, shops, cinemas, swimming pools, schools...everything you would have in a normal village, they built it.

over time...days, weeks, months and eventually three years, the little villages they had built turned into thriving towns and cities. Children where born into the new society, a new generation brought up into a world were they worship 'The One'
There is no God, Budah, or any other religion in this new society, just 'The Marvel' and 'The One'

Many people belived that this new way of life was a wonderfull thing. No one fought over relegion and thier belifes, but all the money they earned went strait to The Dictator. People didnt care, they had a home, food and a good life, but this seranity would only last for so long.
The Cult was running out of space to build, which ment that they would need to start building in other places, but to build somewere else means that they would need to invade.

People who had heard about the Malos had also heard that they consisted of porolees, criminals and the undesierables of their society, so when the cult asked for building permision around their homes, schools and work places, they refused profusly, making it more than clear that they were not welcome, but time was ticking, and the population growing...something needed to be done, and fast!

But what?
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