The Malos

'let's run away from this place and never come back!'
These words sounded so good at the time. They where said with hope and enthusiasm in his big brown eyes as they danced and twinkled in the moon light.
They where said as if there was everything to gain and nothing to lose, but reality turned out to be the complete opposite...


3. A war

As the cult members ran out of space, they began living in tents, caravans, and some even lived in make shift shelters made of sticks and leaves.

Their situation was becoming desperait, they wanted to live with their profit 'The Marval' but at the same time they needed houses to live in.

On top of having no were to live, the companies who supplied their shops with produce had been told they where not to sell any of their produce to the cult owned shops by the government. (They where anything but happy about the whole situation and wanted the cult in the past, as nothing more than an annoying memory.)

As the shops sold less and less food, the people became hungry as well as cold.
they started moving away from the cult. Life becoming just as bad as it was before. Their profit Was failing them.

The marvel was becoming worried, his subjects where leaving, and fast.

One night the 'almighty' profit was consoling with his second in command. A man by the name of Dervish.

'What am I going to do? My money is running out the door faster than a cheeta!'

'Ah but sir, even though cheeta's are fast, they run out of steam quickly, and always end up back where they started'

'True enough, but I need to get them back, and fast! But how?'

'Well all knowing one, what we need, is a plan...'

'Yes, yes we do...and I think that I know what it will be.'
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