Liam's first kiss

Liam from one direction sneaks out of their hotel and goes to the pub to meet this girl and she has brown hair and green eyes. He thinks she is adorable she on the other thinks he is annoying. Then he says to her " let me prove to you that Im not annoying and that I am royal" do she says " give if you really have to" so he proves her if he is or not .

Do u think he proves her wrong? Read to find out!!!


2. Tuesday

Liam got up and went to one directions hotel and said to the guys " yesterday was so embrassing because I forgot my lunch box and I got to class just on time" Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry just started laughing and they were laughing for nearly 5 minutes. Liam said "it isnt funny, I bet you had a hard time yesterday" they all said "NAH I DONT THINK SO" Liam and the rest of the band had their singing practices and had their vocals done. And it all went great.
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