Liam's first kiss

Liam from one direction sneaks out of their hotel and goes to the pub to meet this girl and she has brown hair and green eyes. He thinks she is adorable she on the other thinks he is annoying. Then he says to her " let me prove to you that Im not annoying and that I am royal" do she says " give if you really have to" so he proves her if he is or not .

Do u think he proves her wrong? Read to find out!!!


3. The boys

One direction had a concert tonight and all the girls are counting on them but Liam's vocals are ba at the moment he is thinking to his self what should I do saying that in his head. And also saying this in his head the boys are counting on me and the girls and boys I. The crowd are counting on me. Liam went on stage with the boys and suddenly he started to loss his voice all the girls in the crowd are thinking in their heads oh no Liam my poor baby is kissing his voice or something like that.
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