Liam's first kiss

Liam from one direction sneaks out of their hotel and goes to the pub to meet this girl and she has brown hair and green eyes. He thinks she is adorable she on the other thinks he is annoying. Then he says to her " let me prove to you that Im not annoying and that I am royal" do she says " give if you really have to" so he proves her if he is or not .

Do u think he proves her wrong? Read to find out!!!


1. Monday

It was early in the morning and the bells were ringing from the horses that are down the road the blue birds are singing " la la la la la" Liam's mother Kearon called out " LIAM YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR HIGH SCHOOL" Liam woke up and had a smile on his face like he always does. " BE DOWN IN A MINUTE" Liam got up and walked down the stairs to his kitchen table and had breakfast. " mum why do we need to have honey biscuits an a tab if sugar for breakfast" "because it has all of your vitamins in it" Liam looked a bit cunfused and he lifted up one of his brown eye brows up. Liam left and he was half way up the street and he reliese he forgot his lunchbox and ran back home and got his lunch box. Then he ran as fast as he could back to high School and just made it on time. He went back in to class and his teacher mrs downers said " you just made it on time" in a anger tone. Liam's cheeks were bright red of embarrassment
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