Trust me (a zayn Malik love story)

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis tomlinson. When Megan goes and visits Louis she's upset but no one realizes it not even Louis. Except zayn she's the only she talks to. So will zayn make Megan happy again or will he fall for her?


3. Meeting the guys and tears

Megan's pov
I walked behind Louis into the flat I saw 4 guys sitting on a couch they had stopped what they were doing and looked at Louis.
Guys this is Megan my little sister said Louis
I'm not little anymore louis I'm 18 i corrected
Anyway this is Liam, Harry , Niall, and zayn said Louis
Whatever I say rolling my eyes
I took out my phone and started to check my messages
I then saw one from Austen and it was harsh, mean and selfish
I just stared at my phone and tears began to form in my eyes
Megan are you okay? Asked Louis
I'm fine I say wipeing away my tears
Megan somethings wrong just tell me said Louis
Everyone then started to stare at me
I then just got up and ran out the door down the road to a park

Zayns pov
When we started to stare at her she just got up and ran
So I got up and ran after her
I found her down the road at a park sitting on a bench crying
Are you okay? I ask
She looked up at me with watery eyes
OF COURSE I'M NOT she yelled crying
I just looked down at the ground not saying a word
I'm sorry said Megan
Why? I ask
You know why for yelling at you said Megan
Well don't be your frustraded and upset you need to cool off I say
Again I'm sorry, it's just that im kind of in an argument with someone said Megan
Well would you like to talk about it? I ask
Not really said Megan
Well if you need someone to talk to I'm here I say
Thanks zayn said Megan
No problem now let's get back to the others I say

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