Trust me (a zayn Malik love story)

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis tomlinson. When Megan goes and visits Louis she's upset but no one realizes it not even Louis. Except zayn she's the only she talks to. So will zayn make Megan happy again or will he fall for her?


4. Break ups and new loves

Megans pov
When we got back to the flat louis showed me my room I went up and unpacked. When I finished unpacking my friend Elise sent me a picture. I opened it and saw Austen kissing a girl with black hair and below Elise said I was in the park and saw them so I took a picture and I thought you should know I'm sorry then the message stopped. Tears began to fill my eyes so I got up and went down the hall and knocked on zayns door
He opened it and saw that I was in tears
Megan's what's wrong why are you crying? Asked zayn
Something happend and I need someone to talk to so I came to you I say sobbing
Okay let's get out of the hallway said zayn leading me into his room
When he closed the door and sat on the bed next to me he started to comfort me
Okay so what happend said zayn
I tried to get words out but I just started to cry again
pulled me into a hug and let me cry into his chest
Shhhh it's alright said zayn holding me tightly
After I stopped crying I started to explain about Austen and I showed him the picture
That guy is a jerk and you deserve someone better like him said zayn
Thanks zayn I say
I kept my head down and he slowly lift my chin and gave me a soft kiss.
I sat up strait and wrapped my arm around his neck.
And at the moment the door opened and it was...
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