Trust me (a zayn Malik love story)

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis tomlinson. When Megan goes and visits Louis she's upset but no one realizes it not even Louis. Except zayn she's the only she talks to. So will zayn make Megan happy again or will he fall for her?


6. Argument with louis

Megan's pov
I cant believe this is happening to me again!!! Louis is treating me like im 6 years old.
I sighed and pulled Out my phone and began to text zayn. Then Louis walked in
I quickly put my phone on vibrate and put it in my purse.
Hey Megan We need to talk said Louis
Okay I say
I dont want you dateing zayn said Louis
But why Louis? I'm 18! I'm old enough to vote, drive go to college, so why can't I date your band mates. I say
Because Your my little sister and I don't want you to get hurt said Louis
Oh my gosh there your doing it again I say
Doing what? Asked Louis
Treatinge me like a little kid! I say
Megan I'm trying to protect you said Louis
Ugh just leave me alone I say flopping on my bed.
Okay you need to cool off said louis
As he left I took out my phone and checked my messages
(Megan's and zayns convo)
Z: every thing okay? I heard yelling
M: yeah it's just Louis he keeps treating me like im 6
Z: I'm sorry you sound like you need a brake.
M: yeah I do
Z: then do u Like the beach?
M: yeah of course why?
Z: how about we go on a date today to the beach
M: sure I'll met you outside when I'm ready
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