Trust me (a zayn Malik love story)

Megan Tomlinson is the sister of Louis tomlinson. When Megan goes and visits Louis she's upset but no one realizes it not even Louis. Except zayn she's the only she talks to. So will zayn make Megan happy again or will he fall for her?


1. Try to make her smile: LOUIS POV

I'm so glad Megan is coming to visit! I exclaimed to the others
Yeah she sounds hot from your description said Harry
Ok lad first of all your not allowed to date her and second of all she hasn't been acting herself lately I say frowning
What do you mean Lou? Asked Liam
Well my mum told me that she's upset or something and It makes me sad that She's upset I say
Well maybe she'll feel better when she comes said Liam smiling
Maybe but can you guys try to make her smile? I would appreciate it if you did I say
Sure lad said zayn
Thanks I say smileing
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