Moments I wish we had

My name is Taylor. I'm 19. This is the story if how I left this earth and how I found the love of my life. It started out on a regular rainy day here in Augusta Georgia. That was the day my life changed. The day my grey world turned colorful.


7. Life in London

As we left the airport, I looked around. Not much different than Georgia. Louis led me back to his flat, where i slept in the guest bedroom. I put my stuff away and said goodnight. Louis came in and kissed me on the forehead. I smiled sleepily seeing him leave just as my eyelids were closing. I woke up at nine to the smell of food. I slid down the stair rail to the kitchen. "Mmm... What's for breakfast?" "Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and orange juice." "Yum." He put his arms around me, kissing my cheek as I set my spot.

Today, Louis and I were going to the park for a "surprise." I put on my purple skinny jeans, my black flats, and my black long-sleeved shirt. Louis drove around the back and put a bandana around my eyes. I was pulled through what I could tell, bushes and trees. I heard the sound of running water. Louis started tugging in the bandana, pulling it off after a couple tries. I gasped. Before my eyes was the most breath taking sight I had ever seen. We were on a cliff, over looking a vast Forrest with a waterfall infront of us. "It's beautiful Louis!" "Just like you," he pulled me in close and our lips touched.

His lips were warm and soft. I entangled my fingers in his hair as he put one hand around the bottom of my ear. Sparks flew as we stood there, as nature surrounded us. I finally broke it off saying, " I..I love you Louis. Thank you for giving me the opportunity if a life time." "I love you too, forever and always." We drove back to his flat and cuddled on the couch watching a scary movie. I spent most of the movie with my head in his shoulder. We fell asleep for an hour before waking up at twelve with the boys surrounding us, staring at us. "They are so adorable!" I heard zayn say.

I opened my eyes and yawned. " what's for lunch?" I asked. "I Thought you'd NEVER ask!!!" Niall said. Niall made a big lunch. Soup, salad, pasta, bread, and sweet tea. I ate it all. Niall must have been impressed because I had beaten him at finishing and had asked for seconds. "Oooooooh!!! Nialls got competition for the food!!" Harry said. I gave Niall a smirk. He just sat there. I went to my room to unpack more when my phone blew up with twitter notifications. This time, there were more nice tweets, but still mostly mean and about my scars. "Guys, I don't cut anymore. Those were from when I couldn't stand my parents."

I put my phone down and sighed. It was gonna be hard vein Louis girlfriend, but I think I could take it.
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