Moments I wish we had

My name is Taylor. I'm 19. This is the story if how I left this earth and how I found the love of my life. It started out on a regular rainy day here in Augusta Georgia. That was the day my life changed. The day my grey world turned colorful.


4. Hard times

Louis looked me straight in the eyes. "Taylor. I love you. You will always be good enough for me." he took my arms and kissed them where the scars were. "thanks Louis. At least you guys care." Louis pulled me in close and kissed me in the lips right then and there. When he pulled apart, I was crying. "thank you Louis. I've needed someone to do that to me without forcing me to do it for a while." I could tell that it was pretty awkward now, and I had to be home in a half hour, so Louis walked me home.

After Louis left, I walked inside and found my dad and my mom, well, you know, in the couch. Obviously drunk. My dad paused and started to come towards me; I ran to my room. I locked the door and lauded down in the bed. "for the first time in my life," I thought, "someone cares about me." I got onto my twitter and I found a bijillion messages on my page. "stay away from Louis. He's mine," "youre ugly, why would Louis choose you?" "you're an ugly fattie who cuts. Louis doesn't like you. Why would he?" we're some of the messages I had gotten. I noticed a picture of me and Louis at Starbucks and someone had zoomed in on my scars. I started crying again.

My phone buzzed. I looked at the screen. "Louis <3" I looked to see what he wrote. "hey Taylor, do me a favor please? PLEASE don't cut anymore. I saw those tweets and theyre not true. You're beautiful. I love you." "I'll try :)" I texted back. I fell asleep to the sound of the rain against the road. *ten hours later* I woke up to pounding on my door. "Taylor!! Open up!!" I unlocked the door and opened it. I lowered my eyes as my mother stood infront of me. "yes, mom?" "How was your 'walk' last night?" "um, ok. I made a friend." "a friend? Or a super rich and famous boyfriend we can use?" "he's just a friend mom. Honest."
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