Moments I wish we had

My name is Taylor. I'm 19. This is the story if how I left this earth and how I found the love of my life. It started out on a regular rainy day here in Augusta Georgia. That was the day my life changed. The day my grey world turned colorful.


1. Frustration

I walked down the side walk in the rain. I was cold, even with my sweatshirt on. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I hated my parents. "give you this, give you that.." I smiled. One direction was my favorite band. Louis was my favorite. I had glasses like him, I wore beanies, and my brown hair even looked like his. I wasn't copying, I've had glasses since I was 7, and beanies are comfy. I walked into Starbucks, ready for another long day of work. *two hours later* I decided to take an early lunch, and why bother go somewhere else? I got my usual iced latte and turned to sit down with my packed lunch. I started to walk over to my usual seat when some guy walked right into me spilling my iced latte all over my uniform. "watch where you're walking!" I said annoyed, looking down at my uniform and wiping the latte off with my sweatshirt. "sorry love, I didn't see you." I heard a voice say in a British accent. I looked up. Standing infront of me was Louis Tomlinson himself "here, let me buy you another." "alright, I'll be sitting over there," I pointed to my seat. "ok." when he got back, I was reading my book. "you know, usually I don't like it when people steal my style, but I'll make an acception for you." he winked. I blushed. " so what are you doing here in Georgia?" "oh, I'm on vacation, but it's been raining a lot so it hasn't been much if a vacation." I laughed. We did get a lot of rain here.
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